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I would like to know your opinion which of these two qualification would improve ones employability prospect the most. I'm asking this for a friend.

Here's his situation: He made unity 3d games for a while and knows C# very well. He's purely self-thought, although he possess some certificates. He has a unpopular self-published game under his belt.

In terms of employability what would benefit him more? He already has a BA in a humanities discipline.

Right now I'm considering recommending to him either the OU computing degree or a conversion course masters.

Let's look in-depth at the OU curriculum. IN the "Computing and IT" pathway.
1 year - General A level stuff- Pretty much worthless to him
2 year-
30 credits: Object oriented programing in java:
30 creditsoftware development with java:
30 credits:Algorithms and data structures:
30 credits: Web technologies
3 Year:
Sofware engineering:30 credits
Software engineering project: 30 credits
Interaction design and the user experience:30 credits
Data management and analysis: 30 credits

Or he might just take an MSC-level conversion course:

Now let's compare it to the one year msc. I'll take the university of Kent as an example since you can also do it part-time:

1 Advanced java for programmers
2 Software engineering
3 Web-based informaion system development
4 Logic and logic programing
5 Systems architecture
6 Project Research
7 Project and Dissertation
8 Computer graphics and animation
9 C++ Programing
And the university of birmingham degree is:
1Introduction to artificial intelligence
2 Intro to computer science
3 Data structures
4 Databases
5 Human-computer interaction
6 Software workshop
7 Operating systems and networks
8 Software engineering

The Imperial college london computing science msc looks like this:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • Introduction to C++ Programming
  • Object Oriented Design & Programming
  • Logic and AI Programming
  • Integrated Programming Laboratory
  • C++ Programming Test
  • AI Programming Test
  • Software Engineering Practice and Group project
  • MSc Computing Science Individual Project

The university college dublin degree looks like this:

Year 1 (Sept-Dec)• Programming I (Python)• Computational Thinking• Relational Databases & Information Systems• Computer Architecture• Networks & Internet Systems• Operating Systems Year 1 (Jan-May)• Programming II (Java)• Data Structures & Algorithms• Data Analytics• Web Application Development• Software Engineering • Research Practicum with an opportunity to engage with employers Choose* modules in areas such as• Data Science• Cloud & Distributed Computing• Software Engineering• Forensics & Security• Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science* Note that there may be some limitations on the choice due to pre-requisites and timetabling.

I wonder which one of these pathways would better assure him a job as a programmer(preferably a games programmer) and increase his employability. The OU computing BSC or a conversion course at one of the other full-time institutions. (He can feasibly do the Kent one part time)

And if a conversion course would be better, which one of these would be the best? The University college dublin seems to cover absolutely everything an OU degree would cover and more.
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I am pretty sure that the BSc is more expensive than any of the 3 MSc degrees. It pretty much all boils down to how much money can he afford to pay.
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MSc is more employable

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