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Tension in string between two blocks with friction watch

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    hiya, I am a little stuck on this question:

    Block A (10kg) and Block B (15kg) are connected by a string. There is another string on Block B and the boxes are pulled with a force of 50N. Frictional force of 2N acts on Block A and frictional force of 3N acts on Block B.
    Calculate the acceleration of the two boxes-
    I assumed they would accelerate at the same rate so I did
    f = ma
    50-5= 25a
    a=45/25= 1.8m/s^2

    Calculate Tension acting in the string that connects the two boxes. I did:
    Tension is the force pulling Block A in direction of 50N force
    F= ma
    F= T-2 (the frictional force acting on Block a)
    T-2= 10*1.8
    is this right =???
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Updated: November 1, 2015
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