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    I posted a while back about this but can't fnd it atm. Basically 2 months ago I popped something in my neck doing a shoulder press. I've done this before a couple of times and knew what had happened so it didn't worry me. Previously this pop would give me sharp pain in my neck area and I'd be back to normal within 3-5 days maximum.

    However the most recent pop gave me horrible sharp pain down my neck area. I literally couldn't bring my chin to my upper chest and had little rotation in it. I called the NHS helpline and even went to hospital to be safe but they assured me it was just a strain related muscle injury. For a few weeks after I was getting bouts of small pain in that area which since subsided.

    So only recently I started going back to the gym on a more regular routine to ease myself into it. 2 days ago I did shoulder press work on the machine and with dumbbells on light weights starting from as little as 10/15kg on the machine up to 25kg max (I'm a light weight anyways at about 66kg). Nothing has popped but I feel this sense of strain on my neck again ... it feels sore and if I press my neck area it feels really tight and sensitive in areas. I now wonder how long I have to wait till this subsides before resuming training and also what is going on?

    Is this going to happen every single time I do shoulder related training? Granted the time I popped it I went into a heavy weight but 2 days ago I did it all well and fine but I'm just worried and bothered about my neck.

    I'm considering taking a 3 month break from the gym maybe or another alternative is to do no shoulder work whatsoever at the gym but carry on as normal with everything else. I went to the GP about this a month ago and he said not to bother with physio as the waiting list is long, but just to stretch my neck out.

    Is this a serious problem or what? So damn frustrated.

    Go to a GP and get a physio referral - if he refuses, ask him to explain how he proposes it'll get better by itself and if he thinks re-occuring injuries and the inability to exercise properly is acceptable. If he still refuses, change GPs and lodge a complaint. Did he even examine you?

    If you have any specific questions quote me, but you've probably got a mobility problem which has manifested itself as a chronic injury. You'll need a proper rehab plan (I expect you'll probably be fighting fit in about 4-6/52 though, I cba to do this over the net) if you've injured, rested, re-injured, rested and then got re-injured with increasing severity AND now got niggles. Working overhead is not something everyone is able to do walking into the gym.

    P.s. you really shouldn't have gone to A&E with this - it's a massive waste of everyone's time.
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