Confused about a guy.. Helpppp

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Okay. So I recently met a guy and we were texting and he was super cute and nice and he told me he fancied me blah blah blah. We met up again and he came back to mine and we hung out, watched a film just chatted and cuddled and he kept tickling my arm and he would look at me and just smile, one of those big smiles like he couldn't help it.

Then one thing led to another, we slept together and he stayed for like a good 2 hours after just cuddling, hanging out and talking and he told me again that he fancied me, I told him I liked him back we agreed to see each other again, but he said that he didn't want things to get weird because he might be moving an hour away (to me that isn't a big deal).

The day after we messaged for a bit and he was sweet and nice still and I'm stupid and have fallen for him. Btw it's not like me at all to just sleep with someone.. This was the first time I've jumped into bed with someone that quick..

This was nearly 2 weeks ago, and since then I've hardly heard from him. Any conversation has been me starting it and he isn't talking the same as he did before and it's s little blunt and now I don't even know what to do..

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Ask him what's up. Tell him you're worried because he's been acting differently. He might just be busy with other things, or it could be something else. Guessing and wondering will drive you crazy. If you want a straight answer, ask a straight question.

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