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    I handed my notice in to my current employer on the 18th of September. My contract requires I provide one months notice so I stated on my resignation letter that my last day would be the 18th October. My employer then asked me whether I could stay until the end of October to help them out, I agreed to this as a gesture of good will and seeing as I hadn't found another job it gave me more time to job hunt. We agreed a new leaving date (30th October) via email.

    My leaving date approached and I was invited into my managers office. He asked me if I could stay an extra two weeks and work part time for those two weeks. (Reason being my replacement was awful and went awol leaving them with no-one to do my job.) I originally said no because I had already helped them out by staying two extra weeks and I hate the job (which is why I handed my notice in originally). However they offered me double my daily wage and said I'd only have to work three days a week and that it was just for two weeks. Now, I'm going away at the end of November so the extra money was very appealing and consequently I agreed to stay for the extra two weeks working part time (new leaving date is 13th November.)

    However, a lot has happened since I agreed to staying an extra two weeks. I've had a big falling out with my line manager who treats me like rubbish and I hate the job so much. I'm wishing I never agreed to stay the two extra weeks even if it is double pay.

    Is there a way I don't have to work these two weeks without getting involved in legalities?
    I agreed to stay the extra two weeks via email, but all I said was that 'I can confirm that I am happy with what you have outlined in the below email'. Surely technically that isn't me agreeing to something it's just me saying that I'm happy with what has been said?

    Also, I've already helped them out by extending my original notice period. Would that count for anything?

    I don't know where you stand legally. You are only obligated to work your notice period but I don't know if you agreeing to work extra time would alter what you are obliged to do. Your email communication would probably be sufficient to show you agreed. To be honest, you could do with a good reference, you agreed to do it... suck it up and do it... it's only 2 weeks.

    I bet you have one leg more to stand on then Heather Mills

    It's literally 6 working days from now just stick it out and take the money. If you're going on holiday end of November you're only going to be sitting around otherwise.
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