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Advice for applicants watch

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    I always seem to post this each year it was ment to be part of the wiki but that never happened so her it is advice for applicants on acommidation

    Some of you Applyingfor 2016 entry will doubtless be considering or actually feel sure that youwill be living at home I feel that there are a few things you guys need toconsider before applying as many of you will be starting your UCAS forms verysoon I thought I'd post this now you know to give you time to mull it over.

    1\ Cost: This is usually one of the most deciding factors when people decide to live at home while in some faces it can be cheaper to live at home in many cases it's not. a bog standard hall costs around £60 or £90 for en-suite if we look at an example of my brothers first year he had 4 days in uni (3-4 days is usual for first years for some courses like engineering or Medicine it can be 5 days) it would now cost him with a student rail card £20 a day which would be £80 a weeks by living in halls he could save £20 which is more than enough for a weeks food shop he could even have afforded a visit home with those savings.A week at uni could look like this budget wise

    Rent £90 aprox Food £15-£20 lunch £20:00 aprox Night out £50

    so your looking at£180 (but not everyone goes out every night )so its more like £140 That can of course be cut down if you bring lunch and don't eat out all the time it' £120 and if you learn to shop making use of the discount asile at your local super market (it's all about timing) and special offers like 3 for 2 your food cost can go down at least £5so your looking at £115 if not less. if your commuting your week looks like this train fares:£100 based on Reading - Southampton lunch £20 Something to eat on the return train £10 Bus home £20 your looking at £150 even at the higher bracket in my example it's cheaper to go in to halls. You also get less loan if your a home student
    2\Travel: This is one of the main things that People talk about a lot but don't see it until they are at uni travelling is tiring and can be expensive it also is time consuming you may think oh I can get work done on the train. More often thannot you won't you can do work on trains as in organise meetings sort out yourfiles but academic work is never done or done well above a level standard on atrain. Also it is time consuming a 2 hour train journey in to uni and out is2-4 hours gone which you could use for studying or other things.

    3\Social life: How social do you want to be unless you are a 10 minute walk or have very accommodating parents who are happy to pick you up at all hours or you can go out without drinking and drive home your social life will not be as good as those living out especially in the first 3-4 months the first 2 months are often pretty lonely for commuting students.Students who live out generally go out 2-3 a week Sometime more if they have an "easy"course load I actually never saw a commuting student out in the 4 years I spent at uni. it's not all clubbing (Some is) you have awards ceremonies meals out drinks with mates parties cinema club things like skiing for instance trips out say to milton keyns (skiing) and so much more most are decided on spur of the moment or that day which is usually why you won't see as many out so often not to mention they have to get the last train or whatever .

    I have seen so often on here threads saying I've made no friends it usually turns out later on that they live at home and that is the honest to goodness truth you usually see it around November.

    4\ The Timetable: no one ever considers this but this is not school or collage or even work this is a completely different beast all together. Your time table could have excellent days with hour long breaks between lectures which is nice you can get work done etc etc. Or you could get 9-8 or even 9-9 I saw once with only a 1 hour break for lunch not good would you really want a long journey after that didn't think so. or what about a day where you have a lecture from 9-10 and then another from 6-7 and nothing in between sure you could work in the library but not for more than 4 hours effectively and still get the full benefit from the lectures. Where do you goin the mean time?

    So how do you avoid these pit falls I would do a dry run especially to avoid points 1 and 2 to avoid point 4 on your dry run do it on a week day and find out if there is any where you can see the time table usually (on the factually or course notice board) just ask at reception they will give you directions.point 3 is something only you can know and you will have to use your judgement. It's also a good idea to do a full costing (using Excel) over a week and a year to see if and how much you save.

    5\Location: This one is pretty obvious but it's well worth mentioning if you are determined to stay at home you'll only apply to "local" universities for instance if you live in Cornwall but you are Oxford material you would be passing up an opportunity that many would give their right arm for. (In fact even if you lived 15 miles away you would have to take halls it's just one of their rules.).So don't limit your self like that whatever you do. with all that said is there any circumstances where living at home is a good idea well yes there area few.
    1/ if your sole carer for an ill or infirm relative or the responsibilities for younger siblings fall to you for that reason.
    2/ If You have a child of you own .(Some universities offer halls that cater for this but not all do)
    3/ if you are so physically disabled you can't be without a carer then living at home might be better.
    Many people will mention the pros and cons of commuting and staying home but these questions hopefully help you decide what to do.
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