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Comprehensive Summary of University [Contains strong language]: watch

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    This is a duplicate of this thread: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show...1#post60375691

    But I put it in the wrong section.

    Relatively Comprehensive Generalization (possible contradiction there) of University Below [Contains strong language], (requirements: ability to read more than 100 words without falling asleep):


    - Tax Payer money you get for free more or less regardless of the income your parents earn (what I mean is that your parents can earn quite a reasonably decent salary and you may still be allowed to claim several thousand grand worth of maintenance loans, or whatever their called, which you can blow up if you're a degenerate or invest in a business or hookers etc...). In short, you can get access to finance which would be more difficult to obtain without going to university, and at a cheaper cost (i.e. low interest rates). Also, if you think you'll never have several thousand pounds worth of disposable income ever in your life, then, assuming your right, you'll have more money to spend on **** than you'll ever have.

    And all that these loans are really costing you (provided you have more loans that your need to maintain yourself, i.e. that you have a surplus once essentials have been deducted) is several books (in some cases) the odd seminar, and not failing every year (in some cases).

    BTW this is not good for the taxpayer

    - If you're a horny lad there're plenty of homesick/horny girls cramped up in a relatively small space, with free tax-payer money to invest in partying and alcohol. So it's an ideal environment to sow your seeds. Plus, it's likely, depending on where you go, that no one will know you, or that a small number of people will know you, so you can reinvent yourself - I found that most people do that (a thorough facebook search exposes the lack of authenticity in the image/personality that they project (i.e. secondary school loners who reinvent themselves as pussy gods). Why is this important? Makes it easier to get pussy, as you can hide under a persona that gets pussy, and it's likely that no one will know that you're lying.

    - Imperial/Oxbridge/Warwick/UCL/LSE (economics)/Bath (Mathematical subjects): Good for networking with kids that care about their future careers and don't want their lives reduced to "enjoying" themselves and ****ing around, though the use of the word "reduced" reflects my opinion that partying and blowing up cash on pleasure is worthless, you may hold a different opinion. Plus, in theory, there'll be less kids reinventing themselves insofar as there'll be more kids confident in their nerdiness and, save Oxbridge (Cambridge really imo), there'll be many Oxbridge rejects with something to prove, so they'll be focused and determined to succeed - either within the context of a work related career, general enterprise or academia.

    - If you've never made friends and you value it, then there are likely to be plenty of kids who are eager to become your "buddy". Some kid told me that he'd like my number because he'd find it easier to remember my name...you get the point. Plenty of kid who've never really had "mates" at secondary school, who are just as hungry friendship as you may be.

    - Links to previous points: Last chance to become "popular". You may value it so it makes sense to include it.

    - If you learn best when someone stands on a podium and recopies his notes on a whiteboard or presents a powerpoint to a class of 50+ student for at least an hour, then you'll receive a good education. Otherwise there's plenty of people at universities that are willing to help you. So in a sense it's 9 grand a year tuition + other loans and other sources of spending (food and **** if loans don't suffice to cover it, or if you haven't take extra loans beyond the tuition fees), if you intend to be able to make enough to repay one day that is, otherwise it costs £ 0 + other sources of spending , so probably relatively cheap tuition (depending on your expenditure).

    - Links to other points: "Social Skills". Though I could learn those for free working at a pseudo-KFC in East London. Regardless, you may value these skills at 9 grand a year + other expenses or 0 + expenses.

    - Get a taste of academia. Not much to say about that. You could obtain all info on academia online to be honest but to each his own.

    - Play for a uni sports team. Though even the ****test corners of England have a borough/county sports team. But if your local team is **** then it's worth considering, maybe (not really in my opinion, but, again, to each his own)

    - If you want to work for a company eventually, then a decent university may make that process easier, but, your employability will ultimately depend on your personal abilities and the your general nature (your general competence, social skills, maybe tits if your employer's horny etc...)

    That's about it. Maybe there're more advantages, but it's a "Comprehensive Generalization", emphasis on generalization, but it's rather comprehensive as well in my opinion.


    - If you intend to leave university with the ability to make enough money to qualify for loan repayment, almost everything I listed above could be obtained at a cheaper cost. Plus, you'll probably spend most of your time teaching the course to yourself regardless of the university you attend or course you're enrolled in, so the tuition argument is maybe not so strong (that is if you intend to study at all). There are plenty of highly qualified tutors in every discipline that could teach you at a high academic level that you could hire privately at a lower cost, or you could teach a course you're interested in to yourself, again, at a lower cost. And similarly for the other **** like ****ing girls (i.e. you could go to a club, where entry requirements are not 300 UCAS points or A*AA but £10-£30 for an average club, or you could occasionally fork a hundred quid to **** an escort or actively 'tinder', which would only cost you internet connection) - there are plenty of horny chicks ready to **** not outside of universities (if that wasn't obvious).

    In summary, it can be said that you're paying a ****load of money for activities and endeavors you could pursue outside of university. Really, even to obtain a good education you don't need to go to university.

    I personally have only gone to university this year because my parents were scared that my life would be over if I took a gap year. Otherwise I wouldn't have wasted several grand on **** I could do myself and in half the time. Plus the only thing I value in university is networking with other competent minds but only a few, top universities have managed to generate such a social climate. You'll find that even at other top tens the general "I got so drunk" horse**** or "I talked to this girl" (wtf) or (for those who've had a bit of pussy) "I ****ed that girl" or similar statements form the substance of conversation, and ambition is low (e.g. entrepreneurial mindset is not as common as in top universities where the idea of being a wage slave, and serving to make someone richer all your life, may not be so appealing...).

    Hope you enjoyed the read x.
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