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The mind of god is insane and lonely watch

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    Sometimes I like to get existential, and I often do;

    When I was younger I tripped on Acid, Shrooms, and 420 blazed it like you wouldn't believe.

    And I did it really to solve a puzzle, the age old question "What are we, why are we here and what is this" what is the universe I wondered, and hell I still wonder. I gained some interesting and strange experiences from the aformentioned chemicals but never any meaningful truth. I quit all psy drugs, sort of analogous to throwing my hands in the air and giving up on that route of enlightenment; looking back it was stupid to think I could gain knowledge through such things but a lot of people believe they do, believe me, as ridiculous as it sounds.

    Whilst most people are thinking and talking about what happened on keeping up with the kardasians, I was sitting in my room contemplating my place in the universe, trying to understand it with a deep yearing.

    I went through religions, theories, even conspiracy theories, and I couldn't find anything, the truth is no one has any answers, and if people claim they do, they're probably trying to either sell you something or expand their religion.

    As you can imagine I wasn't very popular in uni, I was very thoughtful, probably seen as strange, and first year was very lonely for me because I didn't relate to anyone and was made fun of in my halls. I was "that guy" that everyone excluded and bonded over making fun out of, sort of sucks but as is life...

    Life got much better in 2nd year, and in 3rd year I formed a band and began a vibrant social life, it was great, and all the while I remained true to my intellectual prospecting for truth, thinking about the universe, the paradox of the black hole, the awesomeness of the warp drive.

    Absolutely a sci-fi nerd.

    But then I got a full time job and I find myself so busy, I have no free time to think, my thoughts are occupied with work and obtaining money because somewhere along the line I because obsessed with being rich;

    I do never want to stop being inquisitive and thoughtful, so as a typical INTP I'm bouncing off my ideas to people, thinking out loud, and simply going to see what people think about the stream of incessant text I have just posted on the internet.
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