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What's your opinion on this situation (not wearing what your partner wants you to) ? watch

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    What's your opinion on this situation, I see it a lot but was online and found this on yahoo answers. Basically the guy loves his gf to wear high heels but she won't. I've known several people in this situation though ie the woman doesn't want to wear something but the boyfriend really wants her to.


    If the reason for example is that they're uncomfortable, she could just wear them when they go out for a meal / doing something that doesn't require standing, for example.
    Don't get me wrong, I don't think people should change completely, but if you love your partner you'd compromise a little to please them every now and then because you want them to be happy.

    because feminism my friend

    Its not a simple issue. I don't wear heels. They are insanely uncomfortable and bad for feet, and useless for walking anywhere particularly fast. If my partner asked me to wear them I'd just laugh and say no. If he kept going on about it (he wouldn't because I wouldn't date a person who was that bothered by something so trivial) then I would ask for his reasons and consider them.

    With me and my husband, I have sometimes given away/stopped wearing particular clothing items that he strongly dislikes. But that was only when I wasn't very attached to that style. If I was very attached then I would continue to wear it. My husband hasn't liked the fringe that I got two years ago and is cringing at the blue hair I'm about to get, but its tough. These are things I wanted a lot and liked a lot, so I'm going ahead with it. But if it was something minor then I would be more willing to compromise. He has some outfits that I find truly grotesque, and he refuses to throw them out or never wear them again (although he does try to wear them when I'm not around). So its kind of even in that sense, and I give his preferences on looks and clothes some respect just because I also want to be able to have a say in his appearances.

    With the example you gave, the boyfriend should respect his girlfriend's decision. If it was her behaviour or something that hugely impacts his well being that would be different, but its just shoes... :eyeball: As for her, she should not be with somebody who makes her feel like his love and respect for her is conditional on something so dumb as that.

    if shes that dead set against wearing the heels, then he should respect that.

    If shes so dead set against wearing them then just butting heads is going to get them nowhere

    If it was something I found uncomfortable to wear or I just didn't like others seeing me in etc then I'd just wear it in the bedroom for him. I don't like being told how to act/what to wear in everyday life.
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