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First long trip! watch

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    Hi everyone!

    Passed my test about 2.5 months ago, and had a car waiting so been driving constantly since. I've got my first long trip this weekend from Glasgow down to Southampton on Friday and back again on Sunday.

    Got a SatNav, my breakdown cover sorted and my uncle is a mechanic so he'll be checking all my levels and tires etc on the Thursday, and kitting me out with a basic emergency kit.

    Was really looking for any experienced drivers hints and tips? Like websites to check for any planned road closures, useful things to have in the car I wouldn't necessarily think of as essential, or even on that specific route anything to look out for?

    Thanks in advance!

    Wish you all the best

    When driving on the motorway try and look at road markings in the distance to stay in lane easier.

    - I still find google maps reliable to see the flow of traffic and if its unexplained i can google the road quickly and it's usually a road traffic collision.

    - Driving for soo long can get tedious so chewing gum and blowing bubbles relaxes nerves and keeps the brain focus.

    - if you need to break make sure you check to see whats in the rear mirror and even better still anticipate the road ahead to minimize any sort of breaking.

    If you get tired at any point (which is easy to do on such a long journey) pull into a service station and try and refresh yourself. Have a drink, a quick nap, whatever works for you! It's worth arriving a bit later than putting yourself and other road users at risk, but I'm sure you already know this :')

    Good luck with your journey.

    "better arrive late in this world than early in the next"

    take breaks, don't panic and if you have sat nav you CANNOT get lost, so if you are in the wrong lane etc, don't do anything daft, just go on to the next roundabout and come back.
    When you do your fist big trip it is more tiring than you think.

    maybe make sure that you can change a tyre?
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    Maybe look up the route on google maps to get a general gist of it. Can increase your confidence having a fair idea of where you're going. That said, if you take a wrong turning, doesn't matter - the Sat Nav will reroute you and you won't know where you are anyway, so you're basically still just following the Sat Nav.

    I assume you've already left bit this still holds true...

    Take breaks every hour or two. Motorway services are your friend. Stay hydrated and eat if you're hungry. Don't distract yourself with your mobile phone; put it on silent and check it when you stop. Listen to the radio or some music on an Mp3 Player. It will make your journey more pleasant. Driving that far will make you more tired than you think and will likely take longer than the map looks like it should.

    Most importantly, enjoy the trip. Maybe even plan to stop at an attraction that you've always wanted to visit?

    Theres all the basic stuff like check the cars ready, enough oil and water in car. But i always ensure these things:

    Have a bottle of water and a sugary drink. (like cola, lucazode)
    The water will keep you hydrated through the journey, as you will get thirsty. A sugary drink will give you a boost of energy incase you get tired from the long drive.

    Have a litre bottle of water in boot - this is incase the car overheats ect.

    Reflective clothing - incase you break down in dark, i know cars have hazards, but humans don't. If you sit on the verge or are moving around near you car (to get out, back in ect) then you need to be seen by drivers passing by.

    A good music playlist - you will get bored and you need something to keep you busy, you will probaby talk to yourself and sing to yourself (if your taking friends with you - they will probably fall asleep) The worst thing about long drives is your IPOD or CD playing all the music you absoutley hate you and can't do anything about it for 3-4 minutes.

    Apart from that and all the car safety checks, just drive safelty, stop at a service station if you know you are going to lose concentration and check road updates in service stations as you never know when an incident might happen or traffic later on in journey
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