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    So I met this girl when we were both exchange students in a certain country. We didn't get to meet or talk much, and she made such a "non-impression" on me that up until the last time we met in that country, I still couldn't remember her name.

    Our friendship got moving when she came to my country on transit. We started keeping in contact online for the next few months since we were in different countries. She takes between 1 and 22 days to reply a message and it takes a man of my level of patience to keep in touch with her. To her credit, she is more of a face-to-face person. I got a little over-enthusiastic with keeping in contact with her, and on one of our skype sessions, she asked me directly why I kept initiating contact with her. I told her I wanted to get to know her better. After making sure that I didn't have any feelings left for her, she affirmed that we were just friends.

    I decided to drop it, forget her and move on as quickly as I could. To my surprise, less than a month later, she contacted me, asking me how I was doing and to keep her updated on the happenings in the country I was in. We then continued writing and skyping each other for the next few months. Once, we had a small misunderstanding over a skype session. By that point I was quite annoyed and gave her a piece of my mind. She admitted her mistake and told me I shouldn't change my plans because of her. I left it as that and thought that was really the end. To my shock, she contacted me less than a month later asking me how things were going, etc. We've been in contact again since then.

    I know that she is quite careful of guys in general and slightly awkward around them. I also know she is soft and somewhat emotional inside but puts on a really tough and imposing exterior. At times she lets me in on her feelings, problems and situations but at other times she seems slightly distant. How would you girls read this situation? Am I onto something here, or is she simply treating me as an ordinary friend? Is she sending mixed signals or am I just imagining things?

    I really don't understand what is going on, but I don't want to raise the issue directly because I don't want to risk ruining our friendship and get friendzoned forever, like my past experiences. Girls, would you keep agreeing to skype a guy you are not romantically interested in?

    I Skype people I'm not romantically interested in. Because they're my friends. I think it's likely she just sees you as a friend
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    But do you skype the same guys regularly or just sporadically? I guess I should just hold back and not bring up the subject to her.
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