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    Please can somebody help me. I try really hard with R.E but just cant get anything higher than a low c . I have my mock exam in a week, I have been reviseing but need to do some more. The exam is only on Good and evil and also religion and science.
    If anyone could offer me some advice on revision and answering the E question it would be much appreciated.

    Creepy I have my mock exam in a week on those topics too on that exam board. . . >…>

    Anyway, if you aim to get full marks on part a-c you're sure to move up a grade. Structure all your answers with PEE so make sure you know relevant quotes. For part e there is lots of different structures you can use but you should answer somewhat in this format - your opinion, some (Muslim/Christians) think, others think, I think, and forbonus points talk about its rrelevance in the real world

    I'm the same - OCR and I'm doing my mock next week for P&E. I have 4 topics though!

    Good luck!

    Part Es can be easy when you know how:

    Paragraph 1 - intro - briefly, why is the statement a significant issue? Get straight to the point. Initial thoughts - very brief initial opinion as concise as possible

    ** Essentially you do 2 points of view from different groups. You need to decide here what points of view to put in. One NEEDS to be the religion you're studying. You have to think about both 'hands' when deciding though. Important: these different points of view need to be different.

    Paragraph 2 - religion you're studying - On the one hand... Put your knowledge down about how the religion you're studying would respond to the statement. What would a _______ say? Include evidence, context & quotes. It could be how an individual in that religion would respond - based on evidence (quotes & teachings) - it could be how the majority of the people would respond or it could be 1 denomination.

    Paragraph 3 - another point of view - decide what is best fit - could be secular, could be another denomination, could be another religion, could be British society's general consensus... Again, context, quotes, evidence

    Paragraph 4 - Pick holes in each argument. Don't repeat points but include counter arguments for each

    Paragraph 5 - How do the different POVs make you feel? What is your personal feelings about them based on the holes.

    Paragraph 6 - Your opinion on the issue - answer the statement

    Paragraph 7 - Conclude - How has your view changed? What do you think now? Evaluate everything and end with a concise clause that refers back to the question.

    General tips
    • don't waffle
    • critical analysis
    • evidence
    • at least 2 points of view - one must be the religion you're studying
    • own personal point of view

    You need to analyse throughout.

    Level 4 Answer - 10 - 12 marks (from exam board mark scheme)
    Level 4 Answer - 10 - 12 marks (from exam board)
    •  Answers will reflect the significance of the issue(s) raised
    •  Clear evidence of an appropriate personal response, fully supported
    •  A range of points of view supported by justified arguments/discussion
    •  The information will be presented in a clear and organised way
    •  Clear reference to the religion studied
    •  Specialist terms will be used appropriately and correctly
    •  Few, if any, errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation

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