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    I transferred universities from LJMU to lets say FalSord university in September 2013.

    I was studying Engineering with a foundation year, I had completed the foundation at LJMU and decided FalSord would suit me better. So I turn up in September 2013 and enroll, I have proof of my previous study (so as to qualify for the reduced tuition fee rate) and things go swimmingly. Or so it would seem.

    Autumn 2013 saw SFE backed up with a technical issue that meant finance couldn't be guaranteed on the spot so all students were required to setup a direct debit in the meantime so as to enable enrollment to allow SFE to overcome their backlog of work and then process applications etc.

    What I didnt realise at the time was during enrollment the administrator had used the new ucas code for the engineering course I was continuing with. As you can imagine SFE arent in the spirit of funding every course going so although the SFE literature that was posted to me seemed to indicate that the course was the same (mechanical engineering) the important part (the ucas code) was different.

    I am not a professional administrator, I do not know student enrollment procedure to a professional level and I did not enroll myself with the 'new' course code.

    Needless to say a couple of failed direct debits (and bank fee charges later) the university is pursuing me for their money. So I go to student services with my problem - I take along my SFE literature and that from my previous university and I am guided to submit an appeal to SFE requesting an extra years funding.

    This fails.

    In the meantime although the university hasnt received a penny I have had a reduced rate student loan amount to study with, so I grit my teeth and get on with it as best I can trying to travel study and deal with an increasingly irate finance department.

    SFE wont budge, the university wont budge and I am stuck in the middle. The important part here is to know that I didnt realise the university had used the wrong ucas code to enroll me with and so SFE deemed me to have started a new course. Neither side was explaining this - it took till February 2015 for this matter to be resolved as follows.

    So exam time summer 2014, I get my excommunication letter from the university a matter of days before the exams start (my computer access and computer account had been terminated approximately a week before this letter landed) and so I forcibly miss the exams.

    The university has also escalated the matter to their debt collection agency.

    for the next months I end up playing piggy in the middle between the university finance dept, the debt collectors (harassment and threats guaranteed!) as well as SFE.

    It was January this year (2015) when a SFE phone operator let slip that "you have started a new course" I asked how that decision had been arrived at and the operator explained that a course code change identified beginning a new course and this was why no tuition had been paid.
    Armed with this information finally I contacted the university to explain their error, that I needed to be on a different course code and that it was a continuation of my mech eng with foundation year.

    The university promptly altered my info with SFE to put me on the new course for mech eng with foundation - which sadly was still incorrect. So a couple of weeks pass and I receive my literature from SFE and there bold as brass is the wrong ucas code. So back onto the phone I go and explain yet again about the admin error and that although a course code change has been pushed through for me that it was the wrong one yet again. So the admin chase the right code through at the third time of asking and the tuition fee is released to the university.


    Oh wait, the debt collectors still want their 10% of what was the outstanding fee that they deem they are 'owed', and because now the problem is fixed and we are in march I head back to the university to ask about finally sitting my exams (the ones I had been prevented from sitting) so I can graduate to year 2 as of September 2015. I am informed that the course has changed slightly and that although the university cannot stop me from sitting the exams in summer 2015 they strongly advise against it because I have had so much time out and that if I fail the exams that being unprepared because of whatever error wont be an excuse to guarantee me any potential resits and if I got through poorly or required resits the poor performance would have an impact on my academic history in the long term.

    Begrudgingly I agreed with them and sought to pick up where I left off having had 2 years stolen from me by them.

    Sadly this still isnt the case as the university are trying to wriggle out of their responsibility to put right what they did wrong and have told me I will have to self finance through my first year.

    What am I to do? I have been being messed about by the same admin people since August, student support is not helpful at all and time is ticking by. How can I force the university to write off the tuition fee for this repeat year and provide me with the finance to live on so as to catch up to where I should be before their cacophony of errors so sabotaged my academic career?
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