Really Struggling with settling in and my Course....

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As the title shows, i'm really not having a good time, it all started when i received a late reply with an offer from a uni in Liverpool ( I lived in Ireland ).

I accepted this offer without the knowledge of the course that i should have researched. All the courses i applied for were computer based, like computer studies or computer science.

The course i accepted was a foundation degree in engineering and technology.... Keep in mind, i only wanted to do computing and i have only done IT for the last two years... completely IT

Starting the course i found out that i had very in depth maths and physics modules, i haven't did these two subjects in over two years. I feel lost, i feel like an idiot in the room with everyone else, figuring out equations and understanding everything in the lectures. Then theres me sitting there nearly having a mental break down as i dont even know the easiest of equations. There was one time were the teacher pointed me out and asked for "an easy answer" all eyes were on me, and in my head EVERYONE was laughing, i felt like crying i really did. I just stared blankly and nothing would come out of my mouth. I was sooo embarrassed.

All i wanted to do was something to do with computers! My friend is doing computer studies in a different uni in Liverpool and he's gliding through the course as he did the two previous years just like me doing IT and only IT... NOT PHYSICS AND MATHS

Now when i started the course i found out that my student finance was late so i couldnt pay rent or even have money to live on. This was daunting and stressed me out a lot in the beginning.

Now i have other worries, last week i had to book a last minute flight home as there was a family problem and i had to leave immediately (flying form Liverpool to Belfast). This was quite expensive as it was half term, and of course i didn't know we were in on half term... again feeling stupid as i missed a full week.

When i was leaving home, i really didnt wana go, my mum was crying, i was crying, it was emotional, even though i had already lived away for a month, my mum knows that this is very hard for me and im not enjoying it.

Now when i got back to Liverpool, im told we have a test on the small computer module we have, and im not too bothered by this, but then i go online and check blackboard, and it has at least 5 maths tests to do. (I look at them and dont have a clue), then i see engineering coursework. Then there's an actual presentation that has to be given soon, this just scares the crap out of me. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST... there's a physics test soon.... Something that i know i WILL fail.

I am going to email my head tutor tomorrow and explain EVERYTHING, including how much im struggling and how daunting maths and physics are for me, and how I just cant settle in.

I am hoping to solve all my worries with support from the tutors.
But im not feeling positive
Im stressed
Im scared
Im emotional
Im upset
Im Lost
I feel stupid...

A quote that i found that sums up my situation in my head is this....

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
Sorry for any grammar mistakes but i have typed this quite fast as i really just wanted this out of my head and in front of me.
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Think seriously about whether you want this degree. Is it better to drop and start again later? do a pros and cons list if need be but remember everyone has modules they hate and scarp by in

What can you do to get better at this module? Don't focus on feeling out of your depth, what real, actionable steps can you take to getting better? The email is a good first step.

Look at your student life in general, not just studying. What things can you change to make yourself happier?

I don't think anyone can answer any of it for you, you need to figure it out yourself

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