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    So I'm in this annoying situation here. I recently started at a new college (I'm age 16, in the UK) and I met this girl in one of my classes. We quickly became friends and just started talking about work, hobbies etc etc. After about 5-6 weeks I asked her out, and we went and saw a film together; I think she thought this was more as hanging out as friends, nothing else. So, what makes this situation frustrating? She likes another guy, well, I'm pretty sure she does, and I have no idea what to do. This other guy, she spends way more time with him - I've seen them hanging out around college almost every day. Not only that, but all the while I'm thinking of asking her out, it turns out they've been ice skating, after two weeks of knowing each other. On our 'date' to the cinema she even mentioned him, which was just, eurgh. We're just talking about random stuff and she slips his name in! Of course she does. I invited her skating, and she agreed(ish) to it, but not in the same enthusiastic way she seems to talk about this guy. When I asked her what she did over the holidays, she says 'I finally saw this guy'... I'm mega confused - I like this girl, a lot, for some reason I just cannot figure out - she's giving me such mixed signals. She wants to talk to me and hang out with me, she flirts with me, she even gave me some nickname based off of an inside joke we have (she also has a nickname for the other dude... -_-). Its just super deprrsssing when you see her prancing around all happy with this other f***er - I can't live my life normally because of it, I loose sleep, I can't eat properly; all in all this is causing me way too much trouble - and whatever do, I can't suppress my feelings for her.Should I tell her I like her, just to get closure, because if she rejects me and ignores me, at least I will be done 'worrying' about her - at the same time would saying I like her come off as desperate, or just, wrong - after all of this I don't think I stand a chance of ever having a relationship with her. Not only do I not know what to do about my feelings for her, I just want to live my life normally. I get super anxious even thinking of the outcome of all of this, and recently, the more I've discovered about 'him', the less sleep I've had, the less food I've eaten, and the more depressed I become.
    Please help.

    tell her your feeling asap if she says no then ohwell

    Then don't be too available and start talking to more girls
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