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i hate to tell u guys, but the law DOES have the power to not only find you, but prosecute. all they need is a warrant for suspicion of theft and bam. they have access to every part of your computer. you have to remember, the industry isnt going to war with the users directly, their using the law to get the results they want. and there are sadly few limits as to what the law cant do. (training to be officer) the second point to this, is that their not trying to get EVERY one, just as many as they can, keep us on our toes. the fact is, their not going to get us all, just enough to make using it dangerous. its the same philosophy as speed traps on the highway. are they gonna catch everyone? of course not. but as soon as you see a ass load of cops pulling people over left and right, you slow your ass down, and pretend you weren't breaking the law. same situation here, except your dealing with several large cororations with a lot more money than any department of any state, and the time and energy to pursue offenders, so trust me, they may not get everyone, but they'll get enough, rest assured. just remember, the courts are the ones that made this little crusade illegal in the first place, dont think your going to get much sympathy from them. if they want to, they can strip you of any form of retaliation short of counter suing for defamation ect... which is a pretty long shot if u ask me. just be careful and remember, as long as there are *******s in the world, one of those *******s will eventually get you. just a matter of time...
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O-k...someone's been drinking. Calm down matey! The law is there to protect teh decent ones among what if they ever check up on me, I have nothing to hide
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