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Here we go people. I'm seriously considering becoming a Caseworker for the Department of Community Services. More specifically, the area in which the Government attempts to help young people who are facing severe problems both at school, and in the home. In essence the task is to keep children off the streets. Yet try as I might, I can't seem to find anything more than a few words of useful information about the qualifications required and interview process for Caseworkers. Is there a similar department in Britain at all? If so, could someone please send a bit of it my way via a PM???

What I have so far is 12 months of experience as a Co-Carer for a Family Day Care organisation that runs the day care out of an individuals home. (providing certain safety requirements are met of course) And I've recently become a foster parent to a 13yr old girl who is friends with my girlfriends daughter. Also, it may not be much, but I've also dealt with 8-10yr old kids in my work as a Cub Scout leader over the past four years. Do you think any of this would hold me in good stead at all?

All help is greatly appreciated, a bit of rep too if you really care about rep.
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