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My LNAT went horrifically. Does this mean I'm getting 4 rejections? watch

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    I just sat my LNAT and I know that my score was inedaquate. My essay wasn't great either. This is a problem because 4/5 of my university applications require the LNAT. They are:
    * UCL
    * KCL

    And they're in the order of importance to me. How likely is UCL or KCL to offer me a place?

    You have no way of knowing how well you've done until you see your marks. You might feel as though you've done terribly but that's a natural reaction to a test as hard as the LNAT. I'd just focus on your A-levels and interview prep now; be glad the LNAT is behind you!

    Not doing as well as you could have on the LNAT isn't the end of the world. It's important to remember that the LNAT is just one part of your whole application. It depends entirely on how good the rest of it is. A common thing said is that most universities cut off at around 20 on the MCQ which seems accurate, but I have seen and heard of people who got much lower than that still getting in on the back of the rest of their application.

    These next two pieces of advice might sound trite but I promise they are useful (or at least were to me when I applied last year): it isn't over until it's over, and there's no point crying over spilled milk. The LNAT is done and you can't change it - by the same token you haven't had any rejections yet, so there's all the chance you'll still get into a place you want to go. UCL, KCL and Durham take ages to get back to you anyway so I'd put them out of your mind completely and just focus on other more important things.

    One last thing though - well done! I did my LNAT earlier this week and it's a horrible thing to do. Regardless of if you did well or not I think just managing to get through it in one piece is pretty good going :~) Good luck!
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