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How bad will the repercussions be for my actions? watch

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    Hello, I am very worried about something (stupid) that I did today. I was in a GCSE controlled assessment for Computer Science (OCR) earlier today. My teacher was quite lenient in the sense of students talking. This meant that we could talk amongst ourselves whilst doing the assessment on our computers. I wanted to have a small (disallowed, I know) break and show my friend a sports website on the computer. My teacher had allowed us to have Internet access to help us with our work, but warned us about not going on irrelevant websites. I did, however do this and went on this sports website. As you can probably guess, he caught me and reported me to the exam board and sent me to another room to fill out a mandatory form (all students have to do this if they misbehave to badly). After doing this, I went to see my teacher during lunch time to apologise for my misbehaviour. After I said this, he and the head of department said that for viewing this website, I could be taken off the whole course i.e lose my Computer Science GCSE. He said that this was up to the woman at the exam office and said "it depends on her mood" concerning the severity of her punishment. He said I may be able to get away with just an After School Detention, or I could have the whole GCSE taken away from me.

    I do realise that what I have done is completely out of order though I thought that this was indeed quite a harsh punishment. I have been fairly distraught knowing this information for the rest of the day since then. I think the reason that I have been so severly told off is because in the eyes of the exam board, I could have been cheating. This however can be disproven because they have my internet history and a screenshot of the website I was on. I still know however that i was violating the rules and regulations (though i can't find anything about going on an inapropriate website). What I would like to know is how severe would my punishment be in your opinions. Though I know this can't change anything, I definitely think I have learnt my lesson and I know that I most likely deserve whatever is coming for me. I'm also slightly annoyed at the fact that I wasn't the only one off task and on websites but that of course does not justify my actions. Another large way which could contribute to my punishment is that this is not the first time I have done this as I did a very similar thing last year, though nothing much happened proceeding this.

    Thank you for reading this and I apologise for the very long question and also for my bad English and grammar (I'm writing this quite fast with a shaking hand haha).

    Ouch... I think it was a crazy over the top reaction from your teacher. If I did that when I did my GCSEs the teacher would have probably just had a go at me for not listening and tell me to lie to the rest of the class and say I was in a lot of trouble.

    Will not having computer science as a GCSE effect you in any way in the future in terms of what you want to do as a career?
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    Thanks for replying. Thankfully they let me off with just a detention surprisingly, so perhaps they were just trying to make a point to the other students and myself about obeying them. Though I was told I am on my "final warning"!

    Haha chill out mate, i'd be extremely surprised if you got kicked off the course for that. You'll probably get in trouble with your teachers for it, that's it. Now stop worrying and focus on getting a good grade on that CA Worrying will only lower your grade
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    Haha thanks man, luckily I'm all good now. I'll take your advice on focusing on the CA. And yes, I'm not the most popular with the teachers as of now! 😂😂
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