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V878 - Electoral Registration Bill 2015 watch

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    V878 - Electoral Registration Bill 2015, The Hon. Barnetlad MP
    Electoral Registration Bill 2015

    A Bill to reintroduce household electoral registration

    BE IT ENACTED by the Queen's most excellent Majesty, in accordance with the provisions of the Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949, and by the authority of the same, as follows:-

    1. Definitions
    a. ‘Household’ under this Bill shall be residents of a dwelling recognised by the Royal Mail as having one address.
    b. ‘Close relation’ shall refer to someone who is a child, parent, legal guardian, or grandparent of at least one other member of the household, or who is married to another member of the household.

    2. Household registration
    a. The registration of persons eligible to vote shall be by Household, unless one of the exemptions in section 3 applies.
    b. One form shall be completed by the oldest eligible voter in the Household, as required by the Local Authority in the area responsible for electoral registration, unless an exemption in section 3 applies. In the event of an exemption in section 3 applying, each person of voting age must complete a form individually to register.
    c. Subject to an Electoral Commission approved secure method, registration may be completed online or in an alternative electronic method. The option to complete a paper form shall be always provided.
    d. Any person required by this Bill to complete a registration form who fails to do so, may upon conviction be subject to a fine of up to £200.

    3. Exemptions
    The requirements of section 2 shall not apply if one or more of the following apply:
    a. There are more than four persons of voting age resident in the Household, unless all are Close Relations of the oldest person in the Household, as defined by section 1b of this Bill.
    b. There are no UK subjects or passport holders of other member states of the European Union resident in the Household.
    c. The oldest member of the Household is incapacitated by reason of physical or mental ill-health. If this applies, the next oldest person shall be responsible for meeting the requirements of the Bill.
    d. The Electoral Commission, having reasonable grounds, suspends the process for a whole Local Authority area. Such suspension must not be for a period of one year.
    e. An exemption proposed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and supported by a two-thirds majority of the House of Commons.

    4. Title and Implementation of the Bill
    a. This Bill will be known as the Electoral Registration Act.
    b. Shall take effect from 1st April 2016.
    c. Shall apply to the whole of the United Kingdom


    It is expected by the author of this Bill that the requirement for individual registration introduced under previously passed laws will disadvantage some age groups and areas more than others. The change from household to individual registration followed from allegations in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and in some other places of persons being registered who were not resident, and then postal voting being completed for these non-resident persons.

    It is expected by the author of this Bill that the number of persons registered to vote will increase, should this Bill be passed into law. For large numbers resident in the same dwelling, the Close Relation definition allows for local authorities to check the validity of such persons, given that their births or marriages will have been registered, or make other checks.

    The two-thirds majority provision for the suspension of the provisions of the Bill (section 3e) is designed for it to be a cross-party matter. It also means that the Electoral Commission’s power of suspension can be limited.

    Abstain. I would like to see individual registration retained, and I don't like the whole 'oldest eligible voter' thing.

    nay, its only just been improved, this bill would (as I have mentioned elsewhere) stop me from voting.

    I abstained as while I dislike the current system, I don't think this is quite the answer

    I think I have set some record for the most number of abstentions on a Bill. I will of course respect the House's decision.
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    Ayes to the right: 4
    Noes to the left: 17
    Abstain: 28

    The Noes have it! The Noes have it. Unlock.

    Turnout: 98%
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