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    Last school-year I got a C in higher maths, and couldn't sit AH this year (S6). Ever since, I've been looking at the first unit of the course out of interest and realized I am almost ready to sit the first assessment from what I've taught myself. (Note that I'm completely happy with the higher course after looking over it, I didn't find the exam especially difficult or unfair like a lot of people have complained, I'm a bit surprised by my result but it doesn't bother me)

    Maths is always something I've enjoyed and excelled at, so I'd like to know- is it feasible that I'll be allowed to sit all the assessments through self-teaching and then sit the exam? It is also the key subject in a lot of computing science courses that I'm interested in.

    I can tell at this point that learning the course won't be a problem, I am just curious about whether or not there is some kind of requirement with the SQA that I sit through classes or am enrolled in the subject in some way.
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    (Original post by ubisoft)
    How have you excelled at maths when you just got a C?
    This isn't relevant, I don't know why you felt the need to make this comment. I had about 3 months of absence last year and despite trying to work accordingly to stay at the right pace, I must have not prioritised it enough since maths has never began to be a problem for me in the past.
    I ran through every detail of the higher course after sitting the exam. I went on Scholar and used several online resources as well as learning the first 4 weeks of the AH course so that I'd be ready to begin it in August. Going over higher was just something I did out of fear of having forgotten any part of the course after missing so much of it and then catching up hectically. I felt like my result would be A/B.

    This isn't what I wanted out of this thread though. I don't want to discuss whether or not I'm capable of learning the course.

    (Original post by halophilus)
    This isn't relevant, I don't know why you felt the need to make this comment. I had about 3 months of absence last year
    The NAB, It is terribly easy - nothing like that will be asked in the actual exam as it will be MUCH harder. The NAB consists of C level questions.
    However, If you feel like you are up to it, I would recommend you take up the ADV higher in maths as it will look really good in your UCAS application - much better than higher maths.
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