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    Could anyone please help me with these answers and/or calculations? Struggling! Thanks in advance.

    Preparation of a solution of oxalic acid:
    1.6 g of (COOH)2.xH2O added to 250 ml vol. flask and made up to the line.
    10 ml added to conical flask and sulfuric acid added and heated.
    Titrated against KMnO4.
    Volume needed to reach endpoint of titration = 8 ml

    1) Calculate how many moles of KMnO4 are present in the average volume at the end-point.

    2) Calculate how many moles of (COOH)2 are present in the 10 mL solution you pipetted in the conical flask.

    3 ) Calculate the molar concentration of (COOH)2 in the solution used.

    4 ) Convert the concentration of (COOH)2 from molarity (mol L-1) to grams per litre (g L-1).

    5 ) The calculated concentration in grams per litre is less than that calculated in Part 3. The difference is due to the waters of crystallization. What was the mass of water per litre?

    6 ) Use the molecular weight of H2O to determine the value of “x” in (COOH)2 xH2O


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