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    Came to Briz Uni a while ago and if I'm honest found it difficult to make friends, OK now but initially not good.

    During that time I was befriended by a localish 40 something barman, nothing physical but he as nice and kind and we got on well coffees occasional Sunday walks ect. During this time he confided in me that he occasionally cross dressed, No problem as I've always been open minded and provided no one gets hurt, whatever floats your boat is my philosophy. He always seemed keen to "do things for me" and one Sunday I was moaning about the amount of laundry I had and when would I do it with the amount of Uni work I had to do, just thinking out aloud. He suggested that he could take it to the laundrette for me to enable me to get on with my studies, which he duly did and brought it round to my flat the same afternoon. I let him in and offered him a coffee, I'll make it he announced. Engrossed in my studies I suddenly realised how long he was taking so walked into the kitchen where I found him ironing my newly washed laundry. I protested a little and he said he really didn't mind in fact he found it therapeutic. Cut a long story short in a short space of time this progressed from doing my laundry and ironing on Sunday's to doing cleaning my flat on Saturdays once a fortnight as well as the laundry then asking me if I minded him cross dressing whilst there. I jokingly refered to him as my maid, you've guessed it he asked if he could be "maidy" whilst doing my chores. I honestly don't mind as the whole thing has been entirely platonic but I do worry just where it might end and what he might want next. So much so that I have considered ending the friendship which would be a shame because he was there when I was lonely.

    What would you do I have no desire to upset him?

    Maybe explain to him that although you'd like to be friends, you don't want him doing your washing etc for you. That way you keep the friendship but don't have the uncomfortableness of him acting 'maidy' and doing your washing for you

    Soz m8, you've got to let him plough you now. Shouldn't have let him do the laundry.
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