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    The question is- " if a text is to be labelled as gothic it must convey a sense of fear and terror" discuss this view in relation to "Macbeth"

    I'm not sure about how to tackle this question and how I could use A03 here, should I consider how else it is a gothic text? I am quite lost so any help is appreciated thankyou!

    This is not as difficult a question as it seems. It is a three part question and your answer should be in three parts:-

    a) In what way does Macbeth seem like a Gothic play?
    b) In what way is Macbeth not like a Gothic play?
    c) What is your opinion.

    a) There are quite a few Gothic ideas:-
    i. Witches - who actually begin the novel. Reflect on what they do especially in A1 S3. Plus the second meeting and the Hecate scene A4 S1
    ii. the play deals with extreme violence. Also note that Macbeth becomes more bold with his violence. The murder of Duncan is done at night and by himself. The slaughter of Lady Macduff is done in broad daylight and by a troop of soldiers.
    iii. Where at the beginning Macbeth fought for Scotland - at the end he fights against it. Scotland - at the end of the play - is a country in fear.
    iv. Scotland is a country that is influenced and privy to witchcraft and superstition.

    These are some ideas for you to think about.

    b) There are quite a few ideas where it could be argued that Macbeth is not a Gothic play.
    i. Macbeth is all about a soldier who alone in A1 S2 opposes Duncan's and Scotland's enemies. It is he who saves Scotland from the ambitions of other Generals.
    ii. Macbeth would like to be King, but he is not prepared to murder to become King. See 1 Sc, S5, S7. In these three scenes he either eaves the choice to fate, or dodges the question or - in A1 S7 - eventually says no.
    iii. The fact he does murder Duncan is because his wife forced him into it.
    iv. The play is - therefor - about a man who makes the wrong decision and cannot get away from it and is forced to lie with him.
    v. It is a play about a flawed human character.

    c. In the third section you have to come to a decision which of these you feel most describes this play. Yu have three options:-
    a) It is a Gothic play.
    b) It is not a Gothic play
    c) It is a bit of both.
    Remember that it is important that you give a reasonable amount of detail and reason for your choice.

    As I say it is really not a difficult question.
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Updated: November 7, 2015
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