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    Hi all, i am currently doing a phd and really struggle with doing any work after about 3pm and i am just wondering if other people experience this in general and how i can get myself to keep up the momentum? thanks.

    Different people are better at different times of the day. I cannot be constructive before about 10:00 no matter when I get up. I really 'wake up' and do my most productive work after about 8 pm. and on into the night. About 3pm I really flag and get nothing done until about 5 p.m.

    My wife is wide awake and buzzing at 6 a.m. She'll leap out of bed, into the shower then straight down to do any kind of complex work. At 2p.m. she is desperate for a nap and, when at home, goes to bed and passes out for 2 hours. After 6 p.m. she really struggles with anything needing a fully-functioning brain.

    When I have worked on helpdesks, rotas have never worked. There are people who like to get in really early, clear the backlog from the previous day, then go home at 3 p.m. They are great. Then there are people who roll in at 10:30, plod through the day but stay until 7 p.m. to finish the really tricksy calls nobody else could fix. They are great. Then there are the people who want to do 9 to 5, no more, no less, who provide the cover during the peak time. They are great. Put these people on a shift system and productivity plummets. Let them work the hours they want and you'll have a really efficient helpdesk.

    If you flag at 3 p.m., plan your day around that. Make that the time you do the mindless stuff. Do the washing up, tidy your desk, go for a walk, have a snooze, make dinner, go shopping, send those social texts, respond to the emails you've ignored all day, catch up on TSR, go to the library, water the plants, put the washing on.

    That's a really good reply you have there - basically saying do work at a time that suits you, and that's different for everyone. I love the inclusion of 'catch up on TSR' too! The only thing with that is it is amazing how long 'just looking at a few threads' turns into actually being on here (I am currently proving this again now..)

    However I reply because I seem to be quite similar. I have help cooking from 17:30-19:00 and then always plan to go through the days notes or well do something useful for an hour. So far I've maybe done that twice. I am now learning I just can't do any work that late as all through school and college I did all work within the hours I was actually at school or college. I'm in year 1 though-what worked for you in your other courses before your phd?

    There is not much else I can really say, but planning in a different thing (as above) around 2:00 might help you then come back at say 4:00 and work a bit longer. But If you can't work after 3 you can't work after 3- get up early enough so you have enough work time to do everything then hey just enjoy your afternoons and evenings.

    Similar for me. I couldn't do much of use before early afternoon, but then I could happily work until 10 or 11 at night. I figured that I was getting the results, so I just had to trust myself. Having come from an office job, it was very awkward getting used to my own working day, rather than one imposed on me by someone else.

    As long as you get results - and as you're doing a PhD this is a given - you're doing the right thing.
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