American and British writing differences

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I've accepted an offer at MMU in the fall of 2016 for International Events Management. Some of the internet articles I've read about studying in the UK deal with culture shock - specifically in writing papers: "The structure of the content, the process of conducting research, and the way you format a paper is completely different in the U.K.than it is in the U.S." (Source:

I'm generally aware of spelling differences (specialize/specialise, neighbor/neighbour) and nouns having different names (aubergine/eggplant, etc), but an internet search hasn't revealed much to elaborate on the above quote. It would seem that editing styles vary (American more strict in its rules), and that British papers are more objective research than picking a side and arguing it.

Americans who've studied in the UK, can you provide some specifics of challenges you've faced in this regard? Brits, perhaps you'd be so kind as to send me examples of essays you've submitted for my own research?

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