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Im not a student but im here for help *MORE BELOW* watch

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    Hi I would've posted it on a mental health forum but those thing are rarely helpful and dont have many people with experience in psychology and I need someone who knows at least a bit of psychology. Anyways, my problem isnt anything major that needs immediate attention, but its major to me. I have HOCD, I dont really feel like going into details but I'll give you rough idea of how my (H)OCD is. It usually gets better for around a week (6-8 days mostly) and it becomes horrible again usually for 3-5 days. I've been in remission for 9 days but I had a tiny relapse. Its gotten better to the point of almost non-existence 4 times (including now). The relapses are usually for one or more of these reasons:
    -Sigmund Frueds Subconcious Theories
    -Something I experienced
    -Things I did as a child
    -More but I cant list them now

    I have learnt to ignore the small, minor ones and at most give them a few seconds thought. But other things and thoughts are harder to shake off. Some of them are things like:
    -Things will never be the same
    -I want the good, remission days to be back
    -You'll never be normal again
    -If you're gay your life is F*cked
    I have recovered from the minor relapse but still have a feeling that is hard to describe.

    I should get straight to the point now. What is the best course of action for me to take? Before you answer remember this, I cant do the following:
    -Talk to relatives, doctors, therapists and psychologists of any sort
    -Take any (legal or illegal) drugs except for turmehric powder
    -Do any form of therapy, this includes CBT, Talk therapy etc.
    -Snap out of it
    -Reassure myself
    -Experiment in anyways

    Please dont ask why I cant do any of those, all I can say is I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT do any of those as they are not choices. Will it go back to normal without any form of treatment? I am still young, I am 13 but I am sure of my sexuality and its nothing for me to "discover". If I use turmehric powder, how long will it take to go away? If I dont do anything how long will it take to go away? Will it continue for the rest of my life without treatment? Please help me. If you have nothing useful to say please dont say anything. I'm not trying to be rude I just cant deal with the same answers and get my hopes up. Answer the last quesions I asked including the best course of action one.

    I think it's important to realise that there are very few qualified clinicians on this forum, the majority are Bsc or MSc level students with no experience or qualifications in giving clinical advice. Generally speaking any professional who knows what to advise wouldn't feel comfortable discussing your case on a forum, for ethical and professional reasons. So I'd be realistic about what you hope to achieve from posting.

    If you're excluding family support, counselling, professional therapy and medications then you basically have a very limited array of options.

    Obviously why you aren't interested in these avenues is your business, but if this is really affecting your life then I would strongly advise really exploring which options you could be open to. None of these things are nice to initiate, but then again nor is suffering with mental distress.

    Few people ever lose their OCD fully, but most certainly can hope to improve and ameliorate many of their symptoms. Fundamentally the best way to achieve this is with therapy and/or medication. Again, if you're serious about combating your symptoms then formal support is your best bet.

    If you've excluded seeing doctors as a treatment then I assume you may have never been formally diagnosed and have therefore self diagnosed? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Self diagnosis is dangerous for many reasons and formal diagnosis is crucial. It helps to confirm if that is the actual problem and also excludes any other common co morbidities that those with OCD often suffer with and that exacerbate the condition.

    I'm sorry to hear about your dilemma and I'm probably telling you things you already know and don't want to hear. But if this is really troubling you and you are serious about improving your symptoms then you really need to open up to formal help. The child and adolescent mental health services are a very welcoming bunch of experts and they will be very use to dealing with any barriers you feel are stopping you approaching them. So keep an open mind and do what is best for your mental health and don't worry about what barriers you feel are in your way.

    In terms of sexual identity again keep an open mind. It may feel very fixed in your mind at he moment, but many people explore and wrestle with this issue well into their 20s and perhaps even further.

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    I'm going to agree with Sinatrafan. Unfortunately you'll not likely get a qualified clinician posting individual advice on this forum and at most they will just refer you to professional services.

    On that note, I would advise against taking mental health advice from strangers on this forum. You'll have little idea of their experience or qualifications.

    I'm afraid I can't offer any specific advice other than that which you have already ruled out.

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    I don't mean to be rude but if you aren't willing to do any of the things that are suggested as treatment for people with mental health problems then how do you expect to get better? All you can try and do is self soothe.
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    I'm really sorry I know this is not what you want to hear, but you may have to widen your options. It is very unlikely that you are going to improve without some form of support from somebody and you will probably need a professional in some respect.

    You sound like you have a lot of knowledge on your condition and psychology. Have you ever had any profession support before or have you been doing a lot of research?

    Don't worry about answering all of my questions btw. You are entitled to your privacy.

    You sound like you have a lot of restrictions on what you can do and i'm not sure if that may be because you're scared in some way. I know I was very restrictive to start with when I was coming to terms with my OCD and other conditions. I didn't want to involve anybody else and was probably even a bit paranoid about it. In the end I got to the point where my only option was to let go of my restrictions and give up some of my control. I don't think anything is likely to improve without intervention unfortunately and you've pretty much ruled out the only options. You could try looking for online therapy if you don't want to involve anybody. I know there is a site called moodgym that offers some type of CBT.

    I really hate to say this because it annoyed me so much when I was younger, but at your age a lot of things are prone to change and you are not fully developed emotionally. You are to some extent "vulnerable" (I hate using that word) and because of it you will find it very hard to go it alone. A lot of support sites will not allow you to join at your age because you are "vulnerable" and those for younger audiences will probably not offer you support that fits your intelligence. The most respectful treatment you will get is by a professional and that is the only way you are likely to get responses from people with subject knowledge. It is unethical for a professional to give advice on specific cases online, especially to somebody of your age so most people with good knowledge will not respond even if you can track them down.

    Please pm me if you would like anybody to talk to. I hate to think of you trying to manage this all alone.

    OP - I apologise but I had to laugh when you mentioned turmeric powder! I don't know where you have got the idea from that this will cure you but (unless you believed in it and it worked as a placebo) it wont do much!

    At your age, ask at school who the designated child protection person is and tell them what you have posted here. They know how best to refer you to someone/an agency that can help like CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental health Services.)

    OCD can be very debilitating, I have had it in the past and even though it is very mild by comparison now, to this day I still have OCD about any sort of knock to the head and have to repeat a rhyme to myself to check I have not suffered 'brain damage.' (I know rationally its utterly bonkers but as you will know obsessibe thoughts are very hard to get rid of!)

    Do not fight this alone please, at your age you have a right to help through school.
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