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I thin I'm depressed watch

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    I can't enjoy anything in life ... I'm a 25 years old guy from Southern Europe and can't see my life ever getting better. I live with my mother, my sister and our grandmother who has gone senile and needs care. I can't find a job, even part-time, I've been to about 5 or 6 interviews in the last 2 months and I always get a negative response - I know I don't look enthusiastic at the job interviews, that's not how my personality is, I'm always tired and feel sad all the time. I'm in my first year at university, this is my third (and final) attempt at it. My first attempt was at a university far away from home doing Logistics, which I quit because I'm really bad at math; the second one was doing Law at a university in my city, but I failed because I got behind on my readings. This time I'm doing Languages. I couldn't get into my first choice of languages (it's sorted by who has better marks gets the first choice, when the class is full the others have to chose other language), so I'm doing English and French and I have come to hate French classes. I also hate my university (it's a traditional leftist university) and can't relate to anyone there, my only friend is someone I've known for 10 years but we're not together that often. I'm struggling to pay university because our financial situation is tight and I can't get a scholarship. I also can't buy any books, games, go to concerts because all my money goes for university fees, food and monthly bus pass. I also can't go to therapy because I wouldn't have money to pay a therapist or for the meds. Midterm tests have started and I completely failed the two I had, I just couldn't get my head to focus on studying. Most weeks I don't go to university half of the time, I do okay until Wednesday morning but after that I just get very tired, frustrated and sad that I just go home and sleep. I tried doing sports (running) in the summer and it helped at the beggining, but now I haven't been running in a month and started to get fat again. I never had a girlfriend, my confidence around girls was always low, but after the only girl I really liked rejected me twice I just stopped trying.

    I have no motivation for anything and have been having thoughts of escaoing away from life. I know I don't have the courage to do anything, so I just sit here feeling miserable waiting for the day my heart stops.

    Have you spoken to your doctor to see if there are any underlying health issues that make you feel tired all the time?
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    Ive come across quite a few of these types of posts recently and after trying to give help to the posters one by one, it has only cemented one thing further into my thoughts. I just wonder how people have the time to become depressed? I physically just dont have the time to think about being depressed even if i wanted to.

    OP: dropped out of two universities, family with no money, can't get a job or gf. That must mean... he made a really bad mistake in the past and hasn't learned from it.

    In a few months, if he read the OP again, he must wonder why he wasted 20 minutes of his life.

    OP - I think the first step is getting help for your depression, (ie. medication) and to check there is not another medical condition causing tiredness. Antidepressants do not cost that much!
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