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Sister treats me like absolute dirt watch

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    Hi. So I'm from Northern Ireland and I've moved to England for university to study Environmental Science.

    The issue is my younger sister. She treated me like rubbish before I left and she's still doing it. I was told that she would be nicer when I moved away, well I'm still waiting on that.

    I went home a week ago and she moaned for ages when I walked in and then she stormed into her room where she spent the whole week in, then when I was leaving she told me not to bother coming back which made me feel incredibly uncomfortable.

    Tonight, i'm sitting on my laptop bored (there's nothing else to do here on weekends) and up pops my father's Skype account. So I push the call button and it rings and rings and rings and rings and rings constantly for a period of 5 minutes, I try twice - each time I get no answer. I know it's her because she popped up on Facebook when the Skype appeared. This has happened to me three times now in the past fortnight. Whatever

    Earlier in the week, I rang up the house and on two occasions she cut the call off and on five instances the call was ignored - again, when she was in. This really annoyed me because I needed to talk to my parents about something.

    She also eats all my food in the house when i'm there and then acts like she doesn't know what i'm talking about when I bring it up, one afternoon she ate five magnums.

    Anyway, I suppose I will get people telling me to wise up but it's my sister and I have to listen to it everytime I go home. I am 19 years of age, soon to be 20, I cannot be bothered with this anymore.

    Is something upsetting her, is she trying to get your attention. Talk to her. She may feel as though you have no time for her anymore. Even though you have been putting in the effort she may just be missing you. If this persists talk to your parents.

    Be firm with her. A firm no when she eats your stuff (well stop her before she does it), and set out suitable punishments.
    Confiscate things of hers.

    Talk to her, and explain to her what she's doing, in brutally honest terms, tell her she's tearing up the family and makes sure she hears it.

    Make her feel guilty, bad, a selfish person.

    Find the source of the problem as well, and remedy that.

    In the happening that you are being favoured by parents, sort that out to, and get them to spend more time (but only if that's happening.)

    She takes something of yours, you take something of hers, but don't make a (noticeable) reaction apart from the confiscation of her things.
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