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    So first of all im not depressed just curious but i still think this is probably thr right catagory for this.

    Ever feel like everything is kinda pointless, as in i get up and go to work and i honestly like my job, the people i work with and so on. I tend to feel im in over my head and falling behind but i figure i just need to try harder. I promise thats relevent but ill come back to it.

    Then at home I enjoy my TV, i love it when my drawings come out well, my housemate is great and I have some good friends but i just tend to get bored a lot. I mean even when im doing something i enjoy i catch myself struggling to concentrate. When im out with my friend I feel like id rather just be left alone but then that sucks and I want to go out.

    When i think of the future im planning to go travelling, i dont want the whole family, big house, lot of money or any of that. So it all brings me back to this feeling like im kinda lost, but then i cant wait to see the world but somehow that still feels, i dunno like a way to waste time as doing nothing is too boring.

    So i find myself with a good job, start of a career, doing my Uni course and some other qualifications in a field i enjoy but it feels like im missing something, some kinda point or secret everyone else seems to know. Theres nothing particularly bad but i find the first chance i get to move (ive moved 4 times in the last 2 years thanks to work) i take it and that i jsut want to quit everything and go travel or soemthing just not the same thing every day. I get that getting my qualofications and expierence is important so i need to stick out the next year and a half but im either bored or distracting myself, and im always tired until i need to sleep then im awke and thinking.

    So i guess i was just wandering for my peace of mind is just does anyone else ever feel like this, i dunnonjsut wanted to know if these thoughts all that unuasual or if im just over thinking it.

    Sorry about the lenght of the post and thanks in advance for any responses.

    Yeah I've felt like this before. Though all you need to try and do is focus on your career and things you work for. Everything will soon fall into place. Just be patient.

    I'm the same you are not alone. I feel like life is pointless and I'm only getting older while never actually acheiving anything. It's hard isn't it.
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    I will probably get a lot of hate for saying this but..maybe you're missing God?

    What you're experiencing is not uncommon. You have everything 'society' and 'the capitalist machine' conditions us to want, but this doesn't necessarily fulfil us on the personal or spiritual level.
    I think our climate in the UK is partly to blame. I think many of us would rather be on a tropical beach somewhere (perhaps travelling!) than in a miserable wet cold dark November 'day.'
    While financially unless you win the Lottery/have extremely rich parents you can't do this!
    The best I can suggest is a compromise. Use your jobs and career to save up for say a year travelling?
    Part of it will be an age thing too. When you get older, you will actually want to settle down and raise a family etc!
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