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    Hey everyone! I am new to TSR, I am currently doing my MSc in computer science in East London. Being an international student granted me a temporary residence status which sucks because you would have to obtain a local driving license to continue to drive here in the UK.

    I did my undergraduate degree in Australia, and drove there for 4 years, and it is very similar to the UK. I also drove 8 years in Kuwait. Keep in mind both times I drove manual and automatic transmission switching between cars. I am also a 4 wheel drive fanatic and own a modified Nissan Patrol (2013 model) for cross country and desert trips.To cut things short, I did a theory test and passed on first go, didnt study anything because I am a teacher by profession and I had to give lessons to a secondary subject (beside GCSE ICT) called traffic awareness back in Kuwait.

    I failed my practical driving test 3 times, this test was done in Hornchurch. I never got more than 3 minors, but was given a major each time. Three times my instructor refused to sit with me, and I was failed for road markings, which my instructor says he haven't seen it marked as major in more than 5 years.I took a total of 81 hours worth of driving lessons and paid 1500 GBP (thankfully paid by my employer) for everything including the tests.

    I am at a stage where I cannot give up. I had to forget everything about driving and start my learning all over again.During the 12 years of driving, I have 0 accidents, and never claimed for any insurance.

    I drove a total of 580,000 KM across 4 vehicles since obtaining my Kuwaiti license, in 11 different countries.

    You might think I am not road worthy all you want, but keep in mind that I am a member of Mensa (Since 2012 did my test in Istanbul turkey), top 2% percentile and one of 6 only certified in Kuwait, so I am no retarded. I also graduated with a GPA of 6.78 out of 7 (Australian scale) with honors and was on dean's list across 8 campuses in my 4 year journey at 3 cross institutions (UQ Queensland, Bond GC and CQU at Rockhampton).

    I also earn an annual salary the equivalent of 72k GBP tax paying Brit, the equivalent of what 3.5 DSA officers earn in a year. So I am not desperate when it comes to lessons, or paying for my tests. I took them because both me and my instructor were confident of doing the test.I am not showing off, I am merely telling you what background I come from so you can decide or yourself. I am an Arab with semi dark complexity close to that of south east Asians, and all my tests were conducted in East London.

    The 4th test being booked in Barking DSA center, the worst center in all of the United kingdom with a passing rate of only 32% within the past 3 years.I downloaded all the statistics from the GOV website, it was in ODA format so I was able to parse the file and write a script to pick the best centers as well as the worst ones. All the centers around east london are the worst in the country, with Barking/Wanstead/Goodmeys/Erith and Belvedere, inrestingly having pass rates below 35% for the current 2015-2016 term.

    I understand the ones who passed could say that there is no such thing as racist/impartial/harsh/discriminating examiners, but I really want to challenge that notion, and try and understand why an immigrant infested region, filled with illegal aliens and poverty has its centers with 32% passing rates, while Centers in Scotland such as Lerwick (75% pass rate 2015-2016), Monmouth and Pwllheli in Wales (with 72% and 76% pass rates respectively in 2015-2016).

    This is more than double the pass rate of the poverty and immigrant infested regions.Even west london has much higher pass rates than east! look at Hendon and Ashford for example, with pass rates of 52% and 65% respectively. 529 have passed in Ashfield out of 777 candidates.I went ahead and started digging through the demographics of each of these regions, only to find out the bitter truth, most of these regions with higher pass rates have more middle class than the working one, to varying degrees. However what is more prominent is that most of the higher pass rate areas have a dominating white population.

    It is not clear what background they are because I am using checkmyarea.com which I believe carries a great deal of data.I do realize white people come in many form, and such statistics would not tell me the British from the polish, given second generation European immigrants are mostly white, and i came across many second generation white immigrants that have the British identity and accent, making them impossible to distinguish except for their names during DSA exams.I cannot judge too early because I cant seem to find the demographics and ethnic backgrounds of all DSA employees, because if this data exist to me, I will be able to simulate through computing (matlab) a data model that we can use to find the probability of candidates of ethnic backgrounds passing the practical test at any given center, this is very interesting to me and would love to present it as a project to work on at my postgraduate program.

    Do keep in mind that my english is not top notch, because I speak Arabic as my main language, and my previous education was strictly technical and not linguistically oriented, therefore I was in my studies assessed by how I brought a solution, and not how I wrote my papers.I am tired of booking for my tests months ahead, only to be failed for something stupid that I think was not done or not worth being labeled as a major.

    Do keep in mind that the DSA sheet gives the power to an examiner to label any mistake as a minor or major (serious or dangerous S/D) so basically, you are at the mercy of this examiner.so if you have passed 1st try, and believe everyone else who failed are just worthy of failing, I ask you to think twice.

    I will also prove this once and for all to the TSR community, I will place the amount of 186 GBP on an escrow of your choice (I recommend paypal), and will invite any 1st time passers to conduct the test in the Barking or Wanstead DSA centers, during the period 22/11/2015 to 31/12/2015 at free of cost, I will pay for your test, and for the car and for your time, so if you are interested please send me a message and I will arrange for a guest exam as the center, please allow me to photograph you and your DSA form handed to you after the test, its the only thing I ask for.
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