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    I just wanted to ask for advice.

    I made the mistake of deciding too late to start a an access to medicine course in October! So now I have to keep an eye out for courses which will start in September 2017 which is fine because now I can use this year to look for experience and entry level work in the medical field. I must emphasise I got a third in law so trying to apply for a graduate program might prove difficult.

    While I am looking I am thinking of looking for a healthcare assistant job so while I am putting in my applications this year, I can show I have a genuine interest working in the medical field.

    What I would like to study is either dentistry or forensic science. For Forensic science, I know I will have to take a science degree like Bio-Chem.

    1. I am not working right now but to healthcare NVQ level 3 I may need to use the 24 plus loan but I'd rather use this to do my access to medicine course - what do I do? ( i will try to look for roles which don't require the NVQ certificate)

    2. If I do go on to do the access to medicine course september 2016, would it be realistic to take out a second student finance loan to do a 3year or 5 year degree again? How realistic would this be in September 2017?

    3. What would be the best way to gain experience working in dentistry and forensic science before September 2016/17 and without studying in it? Right now I have to wait till September 2016 to do my access to medicine course.

    4. Age is also a factor...I am 25 now, getting in dentistry or forensic science will prove lengthy. I will 31 by the time I graduate. Is this a good move, I'll probably be working as a healthcare assistant for the next 5 years (this is perfect as long as the end goal means I am working in the medical profession).

    5. Is there anyone who is a mature student currently studying for forensic science or dentistry...how do you fund your course and what is the experience like as a whole.

    Thanks in advance!

    You don't need to work as a healthcare assistant to work in dentistry or forensics. Only people who are interested in studying medicine get that experience.
    You sound confused i'd say decide between forensics and dentistry. If forensics then you don't need any work experience and should look for an access to science couese starting in Jan/feb some colleges have later starts for some courses.
    If dentistry then u will need experience but maybe more dental related than HCA?
    A DEgree in Biochem is good for forensics but ask ur self why u got a third in law, cos science degrees r just as hard and biochem degrees are very hard. Good luck.

    I am also a mature student(28!), and no one really treats u any differently, although i look about 18, but there is a big group of mature students and i'm pretty sure fewer and fewer students are starting at 18. Too expenive.

    Student loans do not fund second degrees with the exception of graduate medicine (which you are correct, your third will stop you getting in).

    Also the access to medicine course is pretty specific for medicine and not really going to help you get into the courses you list.

    Finally, you've missed the deadline for both medicine and dentistry applicants for 2016 entry.

    I think you need to really think about what you want to do jobwise and get some shadowing in that role to check it is what you think, then look into how you get that job.
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