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Geography - BSc BA question watch

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    Hi guys

    I'm interested in Geography and going to University 2016 to study, my question is that is the BSC viewed more better etc than the BA? Or is this a myth, and if I were to apply for BSC Geography and I find out I end up liking the human geography modules would it be possible to switch etc? I understand the the first year for Geography students whether doing a BA or BSC is the same so everyone takes the same modules etc. I'm thinking of applying for the BSC Geography but would like flexibility does that mean I should just apply for BSC Geography courses cos the applicant receiving offers is higher for the BA than the BSC sometimes, for example for Manchester Univesity should I apply for BA Geography because the applicant acceptance rate is like 83% whereas the BSC acceptance rate is 78% etc.

    Knowing that most students have flexibility and can change / switch and have same first year with modules/topics does it matter that much? As you can pick what you like or more interested in etc as you go along.

    Also on the website whichuni.com just looked at it an typed in Geography in the search bar and it came up with the BA Geography having a higher student satisfaction rates and employment than the BSC's generally and also the pay/earnings from BA Geography was higher than BSC. I thought BSC was more higher as it involves like sciency and maths modules?? For example look at these links this ones for Portsmouth http://university.which.co.uk/search...utf8=%E2%9C%93 why is the earnings or average higher for the BA than the BSC? Same with Leicester, Swansea. Just wondering as I heard that the BSC was considered better or higher

    Is it ok to apply for both BA and BSC Geography courses when applying to uni? Or does this mix things up etc for example 1 BA Geography at Liverpool then apply for one BSc Geography at Sussex

    Like picking a BSC or BA for Geography does it mean that if you pick a BA that you can't go into what a BSC can in terms of prospect and likewise with the BA for example if you get a BA can you still go into environmental consultancy or environmental aspects etc? Or are there equal opportunities with either of these and not restrictive, don’t matter

    BTW not saying any of this is fact or my opinion just what heard

    It doesn't matter too much which one you apply for. What tends to happen is unis will offer both a BA and a BSc and the BA will be largely human based and the BSc will be largely physical based but usually there is the option to pick modules. Some unis will only offer one e.g Bristol only offers the BSc but within the course you can do a mixture of human and physical . Cambridge only offers the BA but again you can do a mixture.
    I've applied for some BA and some BSc. If I were you I wouldn't take too much notice of the degree title and look more specifically at the course and pick the courses you like and you know you will enjoy.
    Your career prospects are pretty much going to be the same whichever one you do.
    Good luck with your application!

    Hey, i did geography at uni, finished in 2013. first year it doesn't matter at all. you have to do mixed modules. most unis then ask you to pick which one you want to specialise in. for example my modules ended up being 50% physical and 50% human but as i had done no science A levels i opted for the BA as it was more suited to the A levels i did (english language, art, ICT and geography). i know people who did all human geography but graduated with BSc. you generally get asked before your tutors submit your final grades in 3rd year. the people who did that ^ didn't really plan for their future and couldn't be bothered changing it!

    i would say though if you were dead set on a career in the future with for example the EA or oil or air quality etc then the BSc heading will look better on your CV the same as a town planning or regeneration job would look better with a BA. Thats also a reason why i stuck to my BA.

    Hope that helps
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