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    In the last few years, I can't remember a point where I haven't felt tired. I thought it must just be a 'teenage thing' as my parents liked to tell me, but I've got to a point where I feel so crap that I can't go about my day as I feel like I should.

    I've been finding it really difficult to go to sleep and even more so to wake up in the mornings. Recently I can't get to sleep until about 3am and, if left without an alarm, I won't wake up until gone midday. I've been trying to train myself back into a decent sleep schedule but, even on the rare times I do manage, it takes an insane amount of willpower to get up. I also feel heavy and ache constantly which is ridiculous considering I don't do excessive amounts of exercise.

    I've found it pretty much impossible these last few weeks to get through the day without a nap - not in an 'I'm bored, I fancy a lie down' kind of way, but in that I can't think of anything except how much I want to sleep. It's causing me to miss lectures - I can feel myself going into a spiral of catching up and I feel so disgusting and lazy. I want to get up and do things, I want to get work done, and I feel like I'm making excuses when I'm sure everyone else is tired too.

    Does it seem like I'm overreacting; is this just 'part of growing up'? What would you suggest to give me more energy - anything would be welcome. Thanks!

    tl;dr - I'm tired and achy all the time, no matter how much sleep I get, and it's affecting my life. HELP :sleep:

    Hi there, sorry to hear you're struggling!

    Extreme tiredness can be caused by lots of different things, some common reasons being anaemia or if you've recently had a nasty flu virus etc. Stress can also be a cause of difficulty sleeping, resulting in fatigue.

    In my opinion, the best thing to do would be to visit your GP, who can do blood tests to see if there's something medical causing your tiredness and advise you on how to manage it. It might be as simple as taking iron supplements!

    In terms of missing lectures, I was in a similar situation when I started a new medication for a heart condition that left me feeling permanently wiped out for about three weeks. I went to see my tutor about it who put special measures in for me to ensure I was able to catch up and wasn't chased about my attendance when I wasn't feeling well. Your lecturers should be understanding, especially if you explain you're going to see a doctor and not just skipping!

    Hope this helps and that you feel more energised soon!
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