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Career options? watch

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    Hey guys! I'm choosing my IB subjects very very soon, and I just wanted to ask what career options you think my subjects will offer me. I haven't fully decided which subjects I will be taking, but here's what I have so far:

    - Chemistry
    - Economics
    - English Lit / Maths

    - Chinese A
    - Maths / English Lit
    - Music / Film / Bio

    If you also have any advice for which subjects might be a better fit feel free to reply as well (because I really need help choosing haha xD)

    Bit of background info from me on the subjects:
    Chem > I love this subject! I might not always ace it, but I'm willing to put in the effort to learn the content and memorise everything etc.

    Econ > no prior knowledge, but SL is ab initio and the gap between SL and HL isn't that big (apparently?) so I'm going to take this as HL

    English Lit > Don't think I will be going into the languages field or any field that requires HL English. I'm in the top set for English for my year, but I don't really enjoy the subject that much and I often feel like I'm at the bottom of the class. Maybe it's just the pressure from the rest of the students in my class because they're all the smart people in our year and the majority of them are in the top set for all the other subjects too :c

    Maths > I really want to take HL, but I'm scared it will be too difficult and I'll have to end up doing SL. I enjoy maths and I really don't mind it, but I often struggle with grasping certain concepts or questions. (I think I really suck at geometry..and a lot more) But I think with more practice, I can improve though! I am getting As and A*s in my current IGCSE Course, and I am also doing Further Pure Maths (IGCSE). Plus HL Maths can get you to lots of places and plus it's a good pair with chem oh, to HL Maths or to not HL maths? :P

    Chinese > I loathe chinese. (and most of the teachers at our school who teach this subject because they're all really bad > n <) Despite being a native chinese speaker (I'm Taiwanese) I struggle quite a lot in this subject, and am especially weak in writing, and sometimes reading. I can speak fluently and understand people who speak fine though! I've grown up speaking mandarin, but because I go to an international school instead of a local one, my english is now stronger than my chinese.

    Music > Fairly confident in this area. I am familiar with two instruments and participate in a lot of musical activities and I am okay with performing, theory and composition. (Good for boosting my score)

    Film Studies > Love photography and design and all that. Don't have any knowledge of this subject prior to IB so I'm not sure if I should take it. I think it could be a subject I'd enjoy though, and plus taking this means one less exam for me to study at the end of the year! Gives me more time to focus on all the other subjects (Not sure if I can get a good score?)

    Bio > Don't particularly like this subject, but it pairs with chem nicely?? I'd like to pursue a sciency career (if not a creative arts one, but this seems more plausible) and I guess it would help if I knew a bit of bio, although chem is really the only one I need. I suck at memorising content though, and I'm also not that interested, so I really don't know if I should take it?

    Any opinions on career options, advice, suggestions, or help in general is much appreciated!
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