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Is that it or do we have a future??? watch

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    I've had a crush on this guy since being about 13/14. He's my cousins best friend and has alway kinda known that I liked him. As a kid he said he liked me too and tried to go out with me but nothing really happened as we didn't really take each other seriously.

    Now I'm 22 and In September last year I asked him out for a meal and he said yeah and started spending time together (just me and him).Long story short, he said he liked me and has done for a while and that he wants a relationship with me but is afraid of commitment, he said he liked me but he's unsure what he wants, he said he likes me but he thinks he's no good for me.

    All those excuses just made me wonder if he actually does like me or not. It seemed like it was always me trying to make arrangements to meet up and he didn't really make much effort. So I wouldn't even say we dated properly.. We went for a meal once or twice and he stayed at mine once and we went for a drink once. Anyway, we had sex one night and it felt right because I really liked him and felt like he did too (don't know if I was just infatuated though).
    But after that, we made plans to meet up and he cancelled and said an alternative time in the same day. And then around that time he blocked me on whatsapp. I text him saying that he should have just told me straight if he didn't want to meet up.. Blah blah blah. And he didn't reply, he put on snapchat that he had just woke up and hates his life. At the time he was working unsociable hours and had like a 60-70hour week at work so he was super busy and tired all the time. But like he never apologised for this and I gave him opportunities too by asking to meet up and he never replied.

    Looking back, I probs seemed a bit annoying as if I didn't text him he wouldn't have texted me. Anyway, he said one time via Facebook that he did want to talk but he said he knows how he is and he's know good for me but he does really like me more than I know.And since then (February) we haven't spoken about any thing between us. We've had the odd convo either via text or Facebook but we haven't met up or spoke in person.I don't know why but I just can't get over him. I think he is still single but who knows he could be seeing other girls. And I don't know if he even did like me or not. Whether he's stopped things because he cares about me and doesn't want to hurt me or whether he just wasn't interested. I just know I'm likely to see him at my cousins and I don't want things to be awkward but then I think it'll be obvious if

    I still like him.I know I need to move on and I'm planning on moving soon (not because of this) so I'm hoping that might help me get over him. I just know if I see that he's moved on or see him with another girl I'd feel really hurt and this tells me that I'm not over him. I don't know if he's just used me or if he cared. As he's said things like he wants to marry me and said he had a dream about us having baby. Sounds stupid but I hate him but I love him too. But is there anything still there ? Will he pop up again in future or am I likely to move on eventually and never look back. In my head, I feel like in the future we will try again and it might work out and we will get married and have babies (but I don't know if this is realistic or just my young crush mind talking!!)

    He seems very immature and has never had a relationship longer than 6 months so maybe he doesn't know what to do and he needs to be more ready and mature before anything can happen between us. Should I not speak to him or should I send him a message (I've not spoke to him for months now and feel that I'm doing well!)

    He probably did like you but I think you should just move on now. I've been in a similar situation and you don't know what the future holds. I say let him come to you because if he wants to, he will

    Don't message him. He stopped things with you. If he wants to talk to you, he will.
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    Try not to message him and move on.
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    I really want to speak to him. Should I send him a general message?
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