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thinking of dropping out/changing course. Advice needed? watch

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    This is going to be a long post - sorry! But I think it's important to give some background info.

    Basically I applied back in October 2014, which I guess was my first mistake, I applied too early - but at the time I felt like i knew what I wanted to do, i was predicted A*AA and as a result I got an unconditional for Lit and Creative Writing which i tookOn results day i got A*AA and an A grade AS level.

    I'm 6 weeks in to my first term at uni now and long story short - I've made a mistake (an expensive one), the course is not for me for numerous reasons. Firstly the uni I am at makes you do 3 subjects in first year, I wanted to do a language, however due to timetable clashes I ended up doing Film. I really don't enjoy Film, but i need to pass it to pass the year (despite me never wanting to do it again!), I am trying really hard and i want to get good grades but it just doesn't interest me and as a result I am unhappy. Lit and creative writing aren't going too well either, the support we get is pretty minimal if I am honest (when I compare it to the support my friends get at other unis, such as their own personal tutors etc), And I'm just not enjoying it as a whole, the work is difficult but I am managing it and i don't expect work to be easier elsewhere, i just wish we had more support here. I love Lit, but I just don't seem to love this course, i regret not looking into the modules further last year and realising how little choice i would have and that most of the areas I'd be studying would not be what I was interested in,

    Otherwise, socially I am liking it - I have made good friends here, but unfortunately the thing I am paying 9000 pounds a year for is making me unhappy.I know what I want to do, a degree in English with Publishing - I have always wanted to be a publisher (and i regret not applying for these courses last year!). The courses I am looking at for English with Publishing look amazing, Unlike where I am now, there isn't a module i wouldn't LOVE to do. Plus, lots of them include a paid placement year in a publishers, again something I really want to do as i feel a more vocational degree would be so much more beneficial to me and make me happier.So here are my questions:

    Am i likely to even get in to such a degree? The main one I am looking at asks for ABB (which i have exceeded, yet i understand it is not all about grades!) and an interview (suggesting it is competitive so i feel like they'd favour the year 13s.)

    I'd be doing English again. I understand most people who drop out and re apply change course... so... won't this look bad? They might think 'oh she doesn't enjoy English there, why would she here'.But i love English - i just want to combine it with something more vocational (Publishing) Plus Film and Creative Writing**** are not for me!

    THE BIGGEST QUESTION is can I apply through ucas whist still at Uni? and not drop out unless i am lucky enough to get an offer on this new course? Because I worked really hard to get to Uni and i wouldn't feel comfortable financially or emotionally if i was to leave and then get rejected elsewhere and lose my chance at uni.Would either uni know if i was to do this?Also, say i didn't get an offer 'til March or April, wouldn't it be too late to drop out then?

    What do i say about my current uni in my personal statement or in my reference? Do i need to mention why i'm leaving? Plus if I'm applying when i haven't yet left, what on earth do i write on ucas in my attendance dates for that uni?

    Who do I ask for a reference? I don't think I can ask anyone at my uni or they'd know I was thinking of leaving...

    Can i re-use bits of my old personal statement (the English related parts) or does UCAS count that as plagiarism?

    Finally, the thing that is holding me back is finance. I have heard horror stories that I would be expected to pay my loan or grant back immediately! I don't have thousands of pounds, in fact I completely rely on my grant and loan - I don't have any money of my own. Also I'd have to continue paying my rent for Uni accommodation, over 100 pounds a week (which i don't have) - so I feel like there is no way out - that I can't leave even if i wanted to / got these other offers

    I understand this is a long post so please don't feel you have to answer all of the above, I'd appreciate any answer to any question right now as I'm really panicking/scared.Thanks

    **** though i do love Creative Writing, I feel like it is something I want to do as a hobby and not as my degree, Publishing, i feel is more directly linked to my career aspirations,
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