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Learning French? watch

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    Hi everyone!

    I was just wondering whether anyone had any idea of what French textbooks to get? I am wanting to learn French fluently but am just overwhelmed by the plethora of textbooks available. Does anyone recommend any books for beginners?


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    I don't really know about text books because I haven't bought any (I probably should, I'm Yr 11 French student), but have you tried the free app Duolingo? You can use it on your smartphone or on the computer I believe and once you get into it it's kinda addictive. At the minute I'm using it to learn Ukrainian just as something to do in my spare time, but there are other languages like French, Spanish, Portugese, Norweigen(?) and Swedish(?). I think there's a few more and it's definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.

    It teaches you vocabulary, grammar & tenses. In it you practice writing, reading, listening and if you want to, speaking. A funny thing about it is that you earn coins the more you use it and you can use them to buy extra lessons on idioms / expressions and even pick up lines if you want :P

    Gonna second what the above user said - Duolingo is great! I'm trying to learn French right now too (with the hope of one day becoming fluent, or at least near fluent) and Duolingo is really helpful, especially in increasing your vocabulary. Plus I'll admit it does get kind of addictive

    So yeah. As for textbooks, I don't know exactly, but I do know that I really need to get a textbook or two on grammar sometime soon. For now, I just ordered a Bescherelle off Amazon to improve my verb conjugations, (apparently French learners and even French speakers "swear by it") and I ordered some French novels too because I think they would be really fun and interesting, and also it's a good way to learn the language, by seeing it in action! You can google "French recommendations novels for beginners" and there are loads of recommendations! For now, I've ordered L'étranger and Le Petit Nicholas, and I can't wait to read them!

    Oui, bonjour , ca va tout les gens TSR!
    merde, merde, merde...! pardon moi
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