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    Hi, so I am currently choosing my A-Level options and I'm highly considering English Literature, psychology and sociology. However I am aware that all of these subjects are very humanities based and that this may be frowned upon by more prestigious universities when I come to apply to them. I'm looking to perhaps do a psychology degree, and whilst there are not any specifications for many degrees in psychology it is recommended that you take a science or maths to A-level. Out of all the sciences if I had to I would take biology, but I'm not particularly keen on taking it and won't if I can avoid it.
    My question is do I have to realistically take biology to get into a good university to study psychology, and would it hinder my oppertunities at getting into a university if I don't take biology or another science? Or would it be better to get better grades in another subject? And are my options too humanities based, and would it be better to get a range of science/humanity subjects? And are my current A-level subjects acceptable in combination because I'm aware Cambridge has a blacklist as such of respected and not so respected A-level combinations?
    Sorry it is so long but I can't find a straight answer anywhere, so all answers would be much appreciated!!!

    Will not taking a science hinder you getting into university?
    Only those universities that specify a requirement or preference for a science A-level. Though perhaps a science A-level will tip you above an equal candidate that doesn't have one elsewhere.

    You do not have to study Biology or any science.

    Your question on whether it is better to have the best grades or the science is probably the key question for your situation.

    What grades are you likely to get at A-level? Check out the universities in that broad range of grades and see how many require a science. The more that require a science, the more important it is to have one. On the other hand, is taking a science likely to drop you significantly in terms of grades and options of university (remember, you can still get a good grade, even if you don't like subject)? You can always take Biology at AS-level and drop it for A2 if it's not going well.

    On the longer view, if you're pursuing a practitioner career as a Psychologist, then the name of your undergraduate university isn't all that important. So if you pick subjects you're more comfortable with and get into a decent uni and get a solid degree then you'll be perfectly fine.

    Also, Psychology might count as a science for some universities.

    I'm studying Sociology, Biology and History and I recieved my last offer this week, 5/5 A few uni's like you to have a science so like someone else in the thread said make sure you check the entry requirements for Uni's you like. With Sheffield as an example, they give you a list of acceptable subjects so you don't necessarily need to study science. Hope this helps, and good luck!

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    Friend got into Cam for Psych with History, Psych and Politics. Science isn't necessary, just make sure two of your subjects are 'respected'.
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