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I feel isolated and unmotivated at sixth form :( watch

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    I'm thinking of moving sixth form because I don't particularly enjoy it and there's another sixth form I'm interested in but I don't know whether to move or not. Please could I have some advice? Here are the pro's and cons of staying at the sixth form I'm at/ moving to the other sixth form:
    Sixth form I'm currently at:
    - Nice, enthusiastic teachers.
    - Get on alright with some people in my classes.
    - Lessons are alright.
    - I know my way around school and I'm familiar with people.
    - If I pushed myself to talk to people more I might make more friends or get to know people better.
    - There are lots of societies/talks/opportunities.
    -No one is absolutely horrible.
    -My best friend goes to the same sixth form.
    - I get student support for my dyspraxia.
    - The building's quite nice.
    - It's near the center of town and is near to shops/a leisure centre with bowling/a cinema etc.
    -The cycle ride is quite nice.
    -If I put in more effort in my subjects I could do quite well?
    -Don't like the atomsphere- cold/reserved.
    -Difficult to make friends.
    -Lack of diversity- everyone is middle class and comes from fairly wealthy backgrounds and is quite conventional whereas I'm the complete opposite and I much prefer being in a mixed community with all kinds of people.
    -Don't fit in.
    -Feel anxious and panicky all the time and I've been missing loads of lessons and coming in late because I don't want to go in.
    - No motivation to do work.
    - Keep wondering if I'd be happier at long road.
    -Feel trapped in a friendship group- bored/left out all the time.
    -Sick of being lonely/having no friends/doing nothing with my life- things might never change if I stay here.
    -The college I'm at is very pushy and wants everyone to get the best possible grades and I don't really care- I just want to be happy.
    - Very unaccademic and lots of people have warned me that I have to be very disciplined and driven to do well here.
    -Fell much less academic/intelligent than everyone else- of a much lower ability.
    -No social life!!
    -Very behind in work- haven't been keeping up.

    Other sixth form:
    -Pretty much everyone who's been there has nothing bad to say about it- everyone enjoys it.
    -Someone I know who goes there said they can see me really fitting in and that the atmosphere was very me.
    -More relaxed/friendly atmosphere.
    -Range of different people/very diverse.
    -Might be good to have a fresh start/be without my best friend/challenge myself/confidence booster?
    -I know a few people who I like who go there.
    -Since the day I started at my current sixth form I've always thought that maybe I would of prefered it here instead- something is telling me I might be happier here?
    - Might fit in/ feel less pressured and more at ease.
    -Being new might make it easier to talk to people and make friends?
    -I feel excited and inspired when I think about what it might be like to go there.

    - I'd have soooo much work to catch up on- different exam boards etc
    - It's a few months into the year so people have probably settled in and formed friendship groups and it might be difficult to make friends- I might feel left out and potentially even more isolated,
    -Not particularly close with anyone at this sixth form.
    -Doesn't have as good a reputation in terms of grades (although the sixth form I'm at is one of the best in the country so it's difficult to better academic wise!)
    -Lessons might be boring- I might not enjoy them/get on with teachers.
    -I don't know if they'll be able to provide me with student support.
    - Might not even fit in at this sixth form.
    -Might not like it and then I'll be stuck- no way of moving back.
    - Might not do well in subjects as I might be quite behind.
    -My best friend won't be there
    -Further cycle ride- nor as close to town and shops.

    My dad rang the sixth form I'm thinking of moving to the other day and they said the only way it's possible is if I was to retake a year and start next year with the year below which I really don't want to do. I was thinking of going in myself and talking to the head of admissions and seeing if there;s a way around it? Is there anything else I can do?
    What do you think I should do/what are your thoughts on the situation? Thanks so much for your help!

    what do you do at sixth form?

    I know exactly how you feel. quite recently ive been feeling isolated. and im leaving after January to do an apprenticeship have you thought about doing an apprenticeship. and theres no way around trying to go into a new sixth form. because you want to enrol now and its a bit too late so yeah you will have to be with a year below you. I think you should definitely get out because you seem miserable.

    You have to ask yourself, does changing sixth form guarantee that you do better? Are you able to cope with, as you said, the further commute, the increased workload and the lack of support? You cycle which is already a good start - join a cycling club either in your current school or outside of it

    I feel the same way at my sixth form, I don't actually have any friends at all outside of class - I don't even eat lunch here any more because I have so much anxiety about finding somewhere I can eat and I also find it hard to find any motivation to work. Considering how much work load you have to catch up on, I would advise you stay. Sixth form is only two years, it will be over before you even realise it - that's my way of looking at it at the moment. I don't think I could stand being put down a year either (but that's just my own viewpoint). Either way the decision is entirely yours, if you feel you really cant stay at your sixth form and its making you that miserable then you should definitely move if you believe it is worth it.
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