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Should I switch from Physics SL to Bio SL? HELP watch

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    Hi everyone, so currently I'm roughly 4 months in my 2-year IBDP course and I have issues with my Physics teacher.She has never been trained for teaching IB before, though she claimed to have taught high school students in the past. My school is still new and inexperienced. We have just gotten our Physics textbook yesterday. You see, she's only revised grade 8 syllabus to us - scientific notation, orders of magnitude, vector & scalar quantities, estimation, cancellation of labels. The most BASIC things. I'm freaking out because supposedly our first topic should be mechanics and we've done practically nothing in these past months.

    I got an A in my physics and biology IGCSE. I chose physics coz I feel like there's less to memorise -- I wanted to be able to spend more time on other subjects. Also, my dad's family business deals with electronics so I thought studying physics would not be a waste. But if this is the case I feel like I need to do extra tutoring out-of-school. It costs a lot of money and does not guarantee good results!

    The biology teacher, on the other hand, is an IB experienced examiner. He's really good. The bio students have covered quite a lot.

    So, I don't know. Is it possible to cover physics SL without extra help? I can try working hard on my own, try to do as many past papers as I can.. Or should I switch to bio SL where I am guaranteed an experienced teacher? Does bio SL take up much more studying time than phy SL? In all honesty I have no problem in memorisation -- in fact I'm quite good at it but I try to avoid it esp because I don't really need science (I'm planning study humanities).

    I talked about this to my IB coordinator and she said I couldn't switch. However I think if I press more she might change her mind. Should I do it?
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Updated: November 11, 2015
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