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Concerning further study (3rd year student.) Could really use some advice here. watch

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    So as a disclaimer, I really dinged up.I'm a student in bsc animal biology (3rd year.) I've been having misgivings about my studies from the start. In 2013 I was a student in Human Biosciences, but I hated it.At the time, I really wanted to move onto art; I've always been an artist at heart, and I currently write amateur webcomics (don't look them up- they're terrible.) At the time, though, I was suffering from chronic depression and was basically pressured into switching to another biological sciences degree, because 'art school is too tough' and 'it'd kill you' and all that crap.

    Anyway, I'm getting off topic. The point is that I've decided I need to get out of science. There's pretty much no way I can manage my honours year, and I do not want to have to be doing this for the rest of my life.

    What I want to ask is that While I'm going to spend at least a year working, is there any way I could get support if I wanted to pursue an animation or digital arts degree without having to pay like £40,000 off my own back? I really don't want to have to save for about a decade just to get the same opportunities someone who's gone straight into art school from high school will get.

    I've looked at online courses but the only animation courses they seem to do are all about 3d modelling, which would be nice to learn but I want to have a firm grounding in traditional techniques first, which seem to require specialised equipment you can only actually get access to in an art school.

    Likewise, details on part time courses are few and far between. I think they might cost the same as full-time ones do, though?

    I'd be super happy if someone could get back to me. This is really messing me up atm. Not to mention that a lot of my friends, who are also artists, keep talking about art school and it's just tearing me the heck up inside because I can see how much they're improving and how they're learning all this theory and getting access to all this tuition that I'm kinda terrified I'll never have.

    Thanks, and sorry for venting.
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