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STUDENTS! Who is your preferred brand for supplements & nutrition? watch

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    For a project I am trying to make a list of the most popular sports nutrition and supplement brands used by students.

    For example my top brands would be Myprotein and PhD. As they are cheap and effective!

    What are yours? And Why Thanks

    O.N. I guess, but I only take fish oil, whey, multivitamin and vitamin D. 99% of other supplements are a waste of money.

    ZKK research is good by Zak khan

    MyProtein and GenShi labs.
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    What ever is on offer

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    I prefer ESN and it costs me about 19€ (~13,5 GBP - where is the symbol on my keyboard??) per Kilo.

    Is ESN available in the UK? MyProtein and On are nice, too - but unfortunately more expensive..

    The Fibo is a good spot to test the Proteins - if you want to visit the beautiful Cologne-trade fair ;-)

    btw: I use whey and arginine.
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    I've tried several of the main ones so i can give feedback...

    Protein powder:
    MyProtein - Cheap, thin texture and a bit too sweet. Macros are average, you have to add more powder to make it worth it though.. I would buy it again for its value, not so much on taste though.
    GoNutrition - Taste is pretty nice, also a bit sweet but expensive.. Have to wait a while before a decent offer comes out. Wouldn't buy it again.
    SCI MX - It's decent, high protein and not too sweet but quite thick and hard to blend. Taste is awful so I like to mix with cinnamon to make it taste nice. Bloody expensive, so would never buy it again but was pretty good for gains.
    The Protein Works - Probably one of the best out there in terms of flavour and price. Protein count is pretty decent so all in all, something I would buy again for sure.
    Optimum Nutrition - The best for gains. Flavour is great and mixes well, however it's very expensive, pretty much like SCI MX but the macros are a lot better for gains. It was given to me as a gift but I wouldn't mind buying it if it was on offer.

    Price: The Protein Works, My Protein
    Taste: The Protein Works, Optimum Nutrition
    Protein/Macros: SCI MX, Optimum Nutrition

    Maxi Nutrition - Tastes like filth. Expensive, not worth the time and money. Their hurricane bar thingy or whatever it's called has 5g of creatine but it tastes so vile, you're better off just adding creatine powder to your shake.
    SCI MX - It's okay... their bars taste crap and has okay macros, cookies are nice and has great macros. Expensive, but Asda does £1 deals every now and then so excellent value when on sale.
    MyProtein - I've bought wafers which taste like heaven and has 15g of protein a pop and cookies which are not too bad in taste but has a mammoth 37g of protein per coookie. Can be quite expensive so I'd rather buy them in bulk during a sale.
    TheProteinWorks - I've bought cookies and brownies from them. They are expensive and the macros are terrible for value. I'm afraid they are lacking in the snack department while doing so well for the protein powder.
    PhD - Not too bad. Their diet bars are quite nice and occasionally Holland and Barrett would have offers but I wouldn't buy again.
    GoNutrition - Only really bought cookies and wafers, can be expensive but great macros for value.

    Price: SCI MX (when on offer), MyProtein
    Taste: MyProtein
    Gains: SCI MX, MyProtein

    Swanson, Nature's Best, I like Ginkgo Biloba and mushrooms e.g. Reishi, The Lions Mane, not really into the whole whey protein scene (I run and hit tennis balls so I have a Djokovic/Federer kind of shape).
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