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Can you read my Personal Reflective Essay? watch

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    Im not the best at English so i thought before i hand this in I could do with some feedback.

    Could you please read my essay and tell me - My strengths & Things I could improve on.

    My alarm went off at 7.30am that Monday morning. Dreadfulweather, a light case of the flu and an empty stomach, possibly the worst startto any week never mind the important week I had ahead of me. I got up, loadedmyself with food and paracetamol to help stop the cold from attacking my wholebody and weakening me for this crucial time. As thrilled as I looked I tried tokeep myself feeling enthusiastic and keen as possible till my week was over.I had been excited for this date since I was in Primary 6. Ialways knew what I was going to do for it, I had it planned out since I heardabout it. The airport, I have always wanted to be a pilot, fly around theworld, see different cultures and learn what they are all about. So I thought,the best way to kick start my career would be to see what it’s all about.Planning and contacting months in advanced would be the best way to do it! Iemailed countless airlines and got no reply. The date was coming closer andcloser and I started to get anxious. With near to no time left I called GlasgowAirport, they said it would be fine and I was to email them, 3 weeks down theline, 3 emails later I still had no reply. The date was closing in and I had tothink fast and after all these years of knowing what I wanted to do I knew itwasn’t going to happen. It was at this point I knew work experience wasn’tgoing to be as fun and as enjoyable as what I thought it would have been. 3days before the dead line and I still had nothing, it had to be done, I had togo to my mums work. I know it isn’t the worst thing in the world, but if I went to where I wanted to go itwould make me more independent and an experience that I wouldn’t forget. Most Monday mornings I would be wanting to climb back into mywarm and cosy bed because I knew it was going to be a tiring and hard workingday ahead. But, I had never had any experience in a job before so I was reallyeager for my week ahead. When I got there I was introduced to a lot of people. EveryoneI met were so welcoming, this made it a really nice place to work in. It also helpedme become a lot more comfortable throughout the week as I got to know thembetter and they taught me more about the job and what it involves. It’s weirdto think at the start of the week most of these people were complete strangersto me but at the end we were like friends. The most interesting part of my work experience was findingout of what my mums job consisted of. I was also curious to see what it waslike to work with my mum, surprisingly it was a pleasure. I discovered that sheis a very pleasant woman to work with and she gets right into her work. Sheexplained things to me very well, this helped me understand what made her jobso hard as for the past 10 years I thought her job was really easy. Afterspending a week working with my mum, I finally knew what she would mean after Iasked the daily question “How was work?” I went to *company name* for my experience. They makespecial food testing kits that test for different substances. I never reallyknew what anything was or what they were for when I got there or even before I went.The difference between going here and to the airport is, I never knew anythingabout what this company done so it was a completely new thing to me but in theairport I do already know lots of things about it. Throughout the week I wentto several departments of the company, these included dispensing where theyactually make the kits, research and development who test them and will providefeedback on how to make them better but I mainly stayed in customer services.In this department it was a much laid back and friendly atmosphere. This iswhere they get calls from people who want to buy the kits that they make, theythen take the stock out of a considerably size of cold room, box them up thenship them out. The one thing that I didn’t enjoy that it was really chemistrybased. I never liked chemistry in my first 2 years of high school, however,when I worked around it for a week I learned lots which was needed or I wouldn’thave understood any of the job. After a hard working week I think that my experience in a jobhas made me a lot more mature and independent. It has made realise that havinga job is harder but not as stressful as having a job. I had been lookin forwardto this week for the past 6 years, now even though it wasn’t exactly what I hopedfor and it didn’t let me see into what my career could possibly be like I stillreally enjoyed myself and took a lot from it. I took out from this job that itis definitely not something I would want to do when I leave school, so I needto work hard in school, get studying and get the results I need to achieve mydream job as a pilot.
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Updated: November 11, 2015
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