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    Today was one of the most horrific days of my life (top five at least). I arrived at school quarter of an hour late for chemistry. I had to complete the 15 minutes worth of practice exam questions in 3, because the lesson was cut short for a physics mock exam.

    The physics mock exam...
    The physics exam.. mock
    The mock for... *shudders*

    Our physics' teacher had told us a week prior to the test that the exam would be a past paper. So over seven days I completed every single past paper available on the exam board website five times and learnt all of the answers off by heart. As such, before the test, I was feeling pretty confident.

    I walked into the classroom, sat down, carefully arranged my stationary - and realised with horror that I'D FORGOTTEN MY CALCULATOR. I borrowed a spare (painfully pink) and calmed myself. Then, I discovered my 'lucky pen' (lol, ikr, but I've never ever scored less than 97% using this pen - it's magical, okay) had run out of ink... Again, I got a spare, and carried on.

    Slightly disgruntled, I looked down at the paper I'd been handed.

    No. No, this can't be. How can this possibly have happened? WHY, JESUZ, WHY?!

    It was a 2015 paper: the only paper not available from the exam board website. My teacher'd kept a copy of it and photocopied it. I died inside. All my chances of success were gone.

    Looking back now, it was a hard paper but I think, if I'd been calm, I would've been able to manage it quite well.

    At the time, however, I was freaking the **** out. It was completely unexpected. I'd envisioned entering the exam knowing all of the answers instantly, but there I was, clueless.

    Suddenly, I felt a wave of nausea sweeping over me. My head was pounding - I could hear the scratching of pens, the turning of pages, the itching of skin, the slight movement of legs, the intakes and exhales of breath - everything, all too loud. The pink calculator glared up at me, mocking my inability to use it, to do anything. My vision swam, I could feel my breakfast churning in my stomach.

    I asked to get I drink. I ran to the toilets and promptly puked up my guts (and the tesco shortbread I'd eaten that morning - in hindsight a dubious decision...) .

    I rushed back and raced through the paper in panic, completing it in a fraction of the allotted time. I skimmed through my answers and realised how awful they were. The nausea came back. I excused myself again, ran to the toilets and vomited. I sat slumped against the cubicle wall for a while, unable to move. I then realised I had only 10 minutes left. I ran back, gaining a weird look from my chemistry teacher; I looked like a clammy mess (and knowing my luck, probably had vomit in my hair, too). I burst back into the bemused classroom (everyone had by now recognised something was up) and went back to checking my test. The teacher came over to ask if I was alright. I think the crazed look in my eyes was answer enough because he soon went away.

    All too soon and none too quickly it was over. I died inside.

    I've never got below 95% in a test before, especially a science test. I'm also quite a quiet, socially incompetent weirdo around people I don't know, which some people (this physics teacher) interpret as boredom/ aloofness/ being a stuck-up *****. As such, this teacher is always as harsh as possible to me. If I performed poorly on a test, he (not to mention all the other people in my class) would never let me forget it...

    Even stranger, the lesson after I had a maths mock; my teacher marked it over lunchtime and later informed me I'd got 100%!!

    I know it's pathetic and I blew things way out of proportion, but something like this (probably failing miserably at a test) has never happened to me before, and I don't want it to again in the actual exams.

    So, wtf happened? Thoughts? Moral support?
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