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is a one night stand really that much of a mistake? watch

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    long story short: like over a month ago at uni i went out, got with someone who isnt at the uni but is a friend of people who are. they're like 5 years older than me. they kind of made a beeline for me, i wasnt out of it but drunk enough to be very malleable. kissed them, they sort of forced themself back to mind, bad "sex" happened until i put a stop to it. they stayed way past their welcome. regret it a lot. haven't seen them since, very glad not to but i am concerned they might show up again at some social event somewhere down the line.

    i am not sure whether people know about this but their friends probably do. i'm concerned their friends might tell other people and that it might make people look at me differently and not want to know me any more. i wish i'd been clearer about what i wanted and didn't want.

    anyway: if people did find out that i had this messy clumsy one night stand, would they even care? are one night stands a big deal, really? i'm from a small village so none of my friends really did **** like that. my perspective is basically skewed by that


    Hey! I think you shouldn't worry about it. It depends how old you are really. But you sound mature enough to learn from it (because you regret it) therefore dont panic! If people find out, which they probably wont then don't worry because its a normal thing for people to try out, at least once!

    No, one night stands aren't a big deal. Anyone who stops being friends with you or spreads malicious gossip about you just because you slept with someone isn't worth knowing.

    If, however, you felt regretful because the sex wasn't good and you didn't really want to get with him then that's another thing entirely. You have a right to feel that way. But no one has a right to belittle you or make you feel bad for having drunk sex, especially when at least a few (I bet) have had one night stands themselves.
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