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Should I take a year out due to severe depression/anxiety? watch

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    Hi everyone,
    I've just started my first year at university and I love everything about it. The course is so interesting, the city is amazing, my accommodation is lovely and the people I've met are all really nice. The only problem is that my health has been really suffering. I've suffered from anxiety and depression for many years now and it tends to sometimes be okay and sometimes be crippling. I had a really tough year due to personal circumstances and it has been months now of dealing with quite a severe mental illness. I've tried various forms of counselling and started CBT but it only made me feel extremely uncomfortable and i'd hate going so I stopped that. Anyway, like I said there's nothing wrong with any element of the university lifestyle but I have found myself to really struggle anyway. I haven't been going into university for my lectures or seminars at all, I've been struggling immensely with finding the motivation to complete work due for deadlines and I haven't been leaving my room, sleeping for most of the day, becoming really emotional and not speaking to anyone. It's started to become really unhealthy and I can recognise that but as anyone who has been through these illnesses knows, it isn't as easy as recognising it and changing it. I feel completely helpless most of the time and I'm really struggling. I know that I won't be able to appreciate university the way I should whilst I'm coping with this illness as I can't be the best version of myself and my grades and my social life are really suffering. I just feel like the best option would be to be in a more relaxed environment, try to help myself and then come back next year. The only problem is I have a variety of worries in association with this. Finance is one of the main things as I get the highest grant/loan and bursary possible and i'm worried about having an extra £9000 plus the years loan/grant/bursary to pay back after I defer as I'll have an extra year of debt to face. I'm also worried that I'll end up in a horrible accommodation next year when mine is lovely and all my flatmates are great. Another thing concerning me is whether I'd be able to get back into the swing of education after taking time out. And finally, I'm very worried about what my family would think, they're all so proud of me coming to university in spite of everything and coming back will make me feel like I've failed them. I guess I'm just really looking for help on making a decision, part of me thinks going back home is for the best and part of me is just hoping it will get better if I stay. Any advice would be so helpful and thank you for taking the time to read my post.

    "The course is so interesting?" Surely you have the motivation to study it then? Don't let your thoughts take you over.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    OP, you've suffered depression for many years, so what do you see changing in a year?

    My advice would be to clutch at all straws before deciding to take a year out. Talk to your director of studies/personal tutor, let the university know what is going on - they will probably be more helpful than you think. See a doctor regularly, keeping them updated with your situation. Do not skip lectures/miss deadlines, that's just going to trap you in a vicious downward spiral of feeling even more depressed and missing even more lectures/deadlines. It's a harsh truth that things will not get better if you sit back and wait for them to get better. You need to find motivation from somewhere to work towards catching up, dragging yourself out of bed to go to lectures and doing your work before the deadline.
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