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How should I deal with racist people ? watch

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    Why are British people so opposed to immigration and are so uneducated on the topic?

    When the topic ever comes up with people I know, the views are almost hateful. First I thought it was the older, "uneducated" people, but even English people in professional jobs, or at university have similar thoughts (obviously not all).

    For example, people have told me things like "stop all immigration to UK", "It's so easy to come here, they just get a holiday visa and apply for asylum" "How do we know these people aren't ISIS?". I try to explain what they are saying makes no sense but they aren't interested (I've worked in asylum/refugee agencies).

    The look on their faces are that of disgust and horror, even at the thought of refugees (even when the news is on of kids drowning at sea).

    When I tell them I wasn't born here, and I'm from a Muslim country originally I can see the look on their faces. I've had someone joke for 10 minutes that I must be the Taliban, I have an bomb on me etc. People don't shout "Paki" anymore, but they will say "This place isn't Britain anymore".

    I don't think it's wrong to be worried about immigration, or want controlled immigration as long as you know the facts, but so many people are clueless to the basics and aren't willing to learn.

    How should I deal with people like this? It's pretty common where I'm from. Usually I try to explain why they are wrong but they don't want to hear and it makes me angry, as I think it's really offensive.

    Beat the **** out of them

    How do know that some of them aren't ISIS?

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    Have you been reading the daily mail comments a lot? i get the impression that all british are against immigration from those daily mail comments but in reality (based on my school) people are quite accepting. btw its students are mostly white
Are you going to a festival?
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