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GCSE Velocity Question - laugh at my struggles watch

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    I'm attempting some physics, and it's not going well. This is the question I'm stuck with:

    A ball is dropped, study the information:
    Height of drop = 10 M
    Mass of ball = 0.5 KG
    g= 10 N/KG

    A) Asks for the GPE of the ball before it is dropped, and I worked it out, but B is what I'm stuck with
    B) What is the velocity of the ball as it hits the ground (ignoring air resistance)?
    I know v=d/t, but no time is given? Rearranging the formula is no help because t=d/v and we can't do it without the velocity?
    Can someone help me?

    Assuming all GPE has been converted into KE you can work out v from the formula for KE: 1/2mv^2.

    You have your value of E, and the mass. Rearrange for v. Hope this helps!
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