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So stressed about GCSEs? Help anyone? watch

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    Hey everyone!

    I'm doing my mocks exams in 2 weeks and I'm stressing SO much. I feel as if I'm going to fail everything (starting from Maths!) which is making me panic all the time. Also, I'm in tripe science which was only given to people with the top grades in science but my teacher told me that if in the mocks we don't AT LEAST get a B or above, then they'll remove us from tripe science! I literally cannot stop thinking about it and because I want to do Biology A Level, if I get taken out of triple then I won't be allowed to do it next year (my school sucks and only allows triple science kids to take science A level.
    TS is so new to me and we only started it this year so I don't know how they expect us to be so good at it in a few weeks. I'm also doing UNIT 2 of Science in the mocks and I forgot EVERYTHING we did. Which means that I have to re learn all of that as well. I have literally been so down lately because I'm so stressed about science.

    And does anyone know any revision I could do for English? I was at an A last year but apparently my English teacher said I'm working at a C at the moment, which means that I won't be able to take English literature in A level.

    Maths is also a problem because I'm at a C right now, and I'm aiming for a B in my mocks. Any revision tips?
    A way to deal with stress and anxiety during the exams?

    Thank you and have a lovely day!
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    Anyone please?


    I have my mocks in January just after christmas and I think the best thing to do is start revising for them now. I understand you don't have a lot of time left to revise, but I have always left everything to the last minute (which I know is not okay at GCSE), but I've just got used to spending those final couple of weeks making extremely quick and brief notes that aren't very detailed, but it get's you familiar with the topics. This obviously won't get you your A grades but it will give you some ground to stand on and it will also relieve you of so much stress. I would then go back, as soon as you've finished your mocks, and make more detailed notes.

    I was also helping to do Biology A-level, but the head of science at my school has convinced us that it's ridiculously hard - with English, I would recommend reading over your notes and making colourful posters and things like that to help you remember the key points - and for maths it's just a case of going over everything unfortunately. CGP revision guides have helped me so much for maths, at the beginning of the year I was at the bottom of a C grade but I've just been predicted the top of a B grade.

    I hope this helps you

    This is the link as to where you can get the maths revision guide I use:



    I'm a year 13 student doing english lit.

    Looking back, GCSE's were piss easy compared to A Levels (not to scare you off or anything!)

    1. Don't take your teacher's word on 'working at a C' if you got an A last year. When I was revising for English, I just read the stimulus texts and memorized a couple of the important quotes. If you want to do English Lit A Level, this is a good habit to get into now because the key to success is to KNOW YOUR TEXTS. Apart from that, practice papers are a great way to revise English. If you can't handle a whole paper, pick a couple of questions/essay titles out and answer those, then get a teacher to look at them and give you feedback.

    2. You WILL pass your English and be able to do at A Level! Belive in yourself! I didn't do ANY revision for my English Language GCSE and I got a B (complete shock)

    3. Maths is easy to revise, in a way. Just PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Also if you're doing Higher Tier for Maths you're more likely to get above a C. I can't really remember but I think I didn't do very well on my calculator paper and I got a B in Maths at the end! If you don't understand something just ASK YOUR TEACHER FOR HELP. Don't revise something you can't understand.

    4. With Science, I used the same method as I did for English revision - revising past papers/picking out questions to do. The key to learning it all and remembering is just to revise LITTLE AND OFTEN. This is honestly so much better than trying to memorise massive chunks of info at a time. Small bits of revision regularly will help you revise much faster and will help you remember everything better!

    Lastly - DONT STRESS. I promise you, you will look back 2 years later (wen you're in year 13) and laugh at how stressed out you were. Just keep calm and keep going! And you WILL PASS.

    Advice I would give to dealing with stress and anxiety is just to make sure you give yourself a break once in a while; hang out with your friends or go out. But just KEEP FOCUSED on your goals and make sure you do some revision at least every week.

    Here's what I got at GCSE

    English Lit A
    English Lang B
    Maths B
    Core Science D
    Additional Science C (I hated science so not suprised I got **** grades!)
    Textiles Technology A
    Religious Studies B
    French A
    Geography D
    Art C

    I hoped this helped - good luck in your revision!

    P.S. Mocks are just so teachers can give you predicted grades, they don't determine if you do A Levels or not, so just try your best and don't worry about them too much

    I don't mean to be unhelpful, but if you're this stressed about GCSE mocks, then how do you plan to cope with actual GCSEs and, further down the line, A Levels? At GCSE, the only revision tip you need is to learn everything from an exam board specific revision guide. That's literally all there is to it for most GCSE subjects.

    If you struggle with GCSE science, it's usually best not to continue it to A Level, because the step-up is gigantic for most people and even those who don't struggle with GCSE science are given a run for their money. I'm sorry if this is counts as putting you down, but it's the truth and it's better for you to read it now than on A Level results day.

    You can always move schools for A Levels so the whole 'my school only lets triple science people do science A Level' thing shouldn't be too great a problem.

    omg trust me, I was (and am still) so stressy about exams. I was in your position all the way through my GCSE's, I'm in my AS year now. and I can tell you, the worst thing is to stress too much. I often have panic attacks during my exams which inhibit my ability to think straight so that means I struggle to think logically about the questions that I am doing. what I did to cope during my GCSE's is I spoke to my teachers about my stress and anxiety and explained that my grades at that moment didn't reflect my ability nessacerrily and that I was capable I just needed to try and handle my anxiety better. it also helped to do breathing exercises whenever I got really stressed, I bought a little 'tangle' to tackle stress levels (anything like a stress ball can help tbh), I also spoke (and still do now weekly) to my counsellor type person at school (like a school nurse etc). and lastly, because I had my panic attacks during my exam, I was allowed to do my exams in a room alone rather than in a big hall- I found it to be quite helpful. I hope I've offered some advice and if you have any questions you can ask good luck!

    Ya.... I am very stressed Cuz I am behind coursework and I have mocks in 2 weeks and i am trying to revise as much as I can... These mocks go towards my sixth form choices and.. If I do badly I am done for life.... I can see Me failing English language... That non fiction paper is hell on earth man... It's not nice. That's like the only paper that I am dreading about it..,
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